Dog's life as fees rise

Slater Briggs and his purebred English staffy.
Slater Briggs and his purebred English staffy. Renee Pilcher

ZOMBIES, vampires and anyone else thinking about rising from the dead will be among the big losers from new Gympie Regional Council fee increases adopted this week.

And if you are thinking of opening a service station in the former Kilkivan Shire area, you may find a brothel is a more attractive proposition, with significantly lower council application fees.

This week's first business meeting of the new council adopted an extensive range of fees for various council services, many unchanged, a few reduced and some dramatically increased.

Councillors adopted a 32.7% increase in the cost of internment of cremated ashes in a grave and a 172.7% increase in charges for exhuming remains.

Dog and cat registration fees rise 6.7% for entire animals, 25% for desexed animals and registration remains free for pets which are both desexed and microchipped.

Kennel or cattery applications in the former Kilkivan Shire will cost more than 600% more for any facility with a gross floor area more than 500sq m.

Councillors were told most of the increases would be 3-6%, while many charges would not increase.

Some, like the fee for copying a house plan, will decrease, -37.1%.

Section 80 property entry and inspection notices will drop 31.4%.

Common fee changes affecting many householders include a 20% rise in fees for pumping out a sewerage holding tank or grey water disposal tank, rising from $5 to $6.

The cost of a similar service outside the GRC area will rise 35% from $20 to $25.

The simple property search of an owner's name, address, property description and valuation, remains steady at $12, but a full search, including resumptions and realignments, flooding, drainage and sewerage rights, outstanding requisitions and building approvals will cost 4.1% more, or $127.

Change of ownership fees are up 4.7% to $67.

Applications for footpath shop displays or dining tables will cost 4.8% more, bringing the cost to $77 for footpath displays and $55 for a dining table.

Going down

Copy of house drain plan - 37.1% to $15

Going up

Entire dog and cat registration fees - up 6.7% to $80

Desexed dog and cat fees - up 25% to $20

Standard rate search (owner's name, address, property description and valuation, with rating details and outstanding charges) - up 4.3% to $73

Full rate search (as above, with resumptions and realignments, flooding, drainage and sewerage rights, outstanding requisitions, building approvals and zoning details, but no other town plan details) - up 4.1% to $127

Change of land ownership on rate records - up 4.7% to $67

New valuation charge (a state government fee) - up 3.6% to $29

Applications for food safety accreditation - up 3.3% to $465

Food safety compliance audit - up 2.2% to $235

Roadside vending initial application - up 3.2% to $485 (renewals up 2.9% to $175)

Pound release fee for registered dogs and cats (working days 8.30am to 4pm) - up 4.8% to $110 (unregistered - up 3.1% to $165)

Graves, exhumation of remains - up 172.7% to $3000

Inter-library book loans - up 25% to $16.50

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