VICIOUS: A man appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court after his two dogs killed a pet next door.
VICIOUS: A man appeared in Gympie Magistrates Court after his two dogs killed a pet next door. Photo Contributed

Dog owner faces court over "gruesome" attack

A STRONG message has been sent to dog owners around Gympie to keep a closer eye on dangerous animals after a court decision on Thursday.

Damian Cumner pleaded guilty during an appearance at the Gympie Magistrates Court after preventing his two dogs from attacking another dog at a property on Southside.

Cumner received a $2000 fine for the offences as well as over $750 in costs.

The court heard how Cumner's dogs managed to escape the fenced property on Stumm Rd before entering an adjacent property and violently killing the much smaller animal.

The prosecution declined to show the court images of the gruesome attack's bloody aftermath.

Spending most of his time as a fly in, fly out mine worker, Cumner was interstate when the attack occurred.

An acquaintance of his, who has also received charges over the incident would periodically head to the property to feed and check in on the dogs.

It's currently unknown how the dogs got out of the property, but as Cumner's solicitor pointed out the dogs have been known to leap greater heights than the property's fence.

Magistrate M Baldwin, while sympathetic to Cumner's remorse and early guilty plea, noted that the violence of the attack prompted serious concerns about the risks the animals pose to the community.

"I'm aware that the penalties may seem a little sharp, but for many people the costs aren't high enough," she said.

"For animal lovers, and places like the RSCPA - cases like these take on a particular horrendous dimension."

Magistrate Baldwin also noted the impact on the owners of the dead animal, who found their pet torn to pieces.

"I personally haven't seen the photographs, but as I understand they are gruesome," she said.

"It goes without saying how unfortunate and distressing this was for the owners."

One of the dogs, the female has been returned to Cumner, while the male continues to be impounded.

The case for the friend who was looking after the dogs while Cumner was away has been adjourned for another seven weeks.

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