The Gympie region is at risk of looking like
The Gympie region is at risk of looking like "a bunch of clowns” if the State Government has to sort out our council, says a letter writer. Inge Hansen

Does Gympie want to be seen as 'community of clowns'?


EACH day I open my copy of The Gympie Times and wonder what beholds me on the next instalment of the council version of Neighbours.

Seriously, 800 odd people are p***** off, while the rest of us just want the elected council to get on with the job.

From what I've seen they are doing okay, but they do spend an awful lot of time fighting fires with the angry and noisy minority.

It's a big job and there will always be those unhappy about every decision made, but it's not about each decision it's about the overall performance of council in the long term.

I gather from all the reporting and comments that Bernard (Smith) is a real evil man.

Hang on, he's a CEO, nobody likes their CEO, it's part of their job description I'm sure.

Some staff are moving on, or being moved on some say, and I gather some of it is personal, but staffing is his job and I know for a fact in large organisations (36+ years as a public servant) staff move on and there will be questions raised, but they are for the CEO and the staff member to sort out.

Very few of the general public want to know as long as the council is getting the job done, and for those that do want to know it's none of your business.

By the way I keep hearing a rumour that the engineer should have gone years ago, but that was just some people's opinions and I don't know the man.

I watched Glen Hartwig in the election campaign and saw a man who was very intense and I gathered he really cared; I still think both apply.

But Glen, surely fighting the fight in the paper is never going to work.

You're in the position you wanted and you need to make it work. How about trying to work with Bernard and find out what you can from him and along the way accept that sh** happens.

You were a copper after all, and you know lots happens in the background to get a proper outcome.

You should also know fighting the system in the paper, or worse, on Facebook, will never work.

Sure, we all want transparency and accountability but a very public spat always results in the very opposite effect.

Now, the few who want a State Government-led intervention, do we really want to look like a basket case?

Are we incapable of managing local matters at the local level?

Man up councillors and sort this clash of egos out and do it without the help of the negative driven media, Facebook or the "help” of Anastacia's mob.

If the latter get involved they will surely appoint a Labor hack who will probably sack Bernard and few others (whether they deserve to be or not) at huge cost to council and us as ratepayers.

Gympie will be reinforced as a community of clowns who couldn't manage themselves and we will get whatever George St wants to give us for years to come.

True, we will get plenty of coverage initially, all aimed at getting Labor into power at the state level, but when that doesn't happen we will be exactly where we are now - a mob that can't accept that the council we elected was doing its best within the laws of the land and within an ever decreasing budget to try and make everyone happy.

All of this council need to be focused on the big task of managing a community with lots to offer.

Make positive things happen.

In less than five years, Gympie will be bypassed by the highway and we need a plan now to work out how we survive once that occurs.

We don't want to suffer the same fate that has been Nambour for years.

This doesn't diminish the role of the other towns of the "shire” by the way.

However, at the moment you are all being tarnished with the same brush of being part of a cat fight in Mary St and a noisy, 800-odd disaffected people. 

All this other stuff is important sure, but does putting it front and centre of all else help make the Gympie region a better place to live?

Are you moving the council area forward and placing it as a vibrant place for people to want to live and play in years down the track?

Over to you councillors, Bernard and even The Gympie Times; you can play a part by being part of the solution, not just pouring kero on the fire.

Jon Chapman,

Southside  . 

Editor's Note: According to the Electoral Commission of Queensland, 29,373 people voted at this year's Gympie Regional Council election.

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