Councillors Mark McDonald, Bob Fredman, Hilary Smerdon, Mal Gear, Dan Stewart, Glen Hartwig, Daryl Dodt and Deputy Mayor Bob Leitch at the council's budget meeting.
Councillors Mark McDonald, Bob Fredman, Hilary Smerdon, Mal Gear, Dan Stewart, Glen Hartwig, Daryl Dodt and Deputy Mayor Bob Leitch at the council's budget meeting. Phil Coquerand

'Dodt outburst over budget vote proves he is out of touch'



CR DARYL Dodt, who supported the 2018 budget and slammed Cr Bob Fredman for speaking out against the budget, obviously cannot relate to the average person who is struggling to pay their mortgage or rent.

Daryl Dodt
Daryl Dodt Renee Albrecht

I make no excuse that I am wanting to represent the public in the upcoming 2020 election.

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LETTER: Former councillor asks 'Is this the worst Gympie council in history?'

Therefore I have made it my aim to find out what the public are thinking.

Tim Jerome
Tim Jerome contributed

I have gone to the markets to talk to people, I have been on the main street talking to shop owners, I am now door knocking the Division 4 electorate.

People are telling me they are not happy with their lack of representation.

Cr Dodt, you are so out of touch with your electorate.

Hilary Smerdon.
Hilary Smerdon. Renee Albrecht

My advice to you is to resign now and allow someone who has the time to do the job.

Tim Jerome,




I WOULD like to update the public that we were advised that the Lloyd Elliott model train room was to be removed from the Mary Valley Heritage Railway Station some months ago, as they were revamping the building and needed the space where the model train room was situated for the restaurant.

As it was the Elliott family's wish to have it on display for the public's enjoyment, I looked for a new home to have it displayed once again.

I am very grateful that Gympie Gold Mining & Historical Museum was very willing to give it a new home, which I greatly appreciated. Work has been in progress for some time now and will be ongoing into the New Year by a very experienced volunteer.

It makes me very proud that the Lloyd Elliott Model Train display will be back and running for an opening in April 2019.

Percy Elliott,



What about Neerdie Rd?

MR MAYOR, is Neerdie Road included in your budget this year? Are the ratepayers paying extra for you train?

Barry Winch,


Bob Fredman and Mayor Mick Curran.
Bob Fredman and Mayor Mick Curran. Renee Albrecht


Stop sitting on the fence

REGARDING Council is Secretly Rich by AP Goddard.

Twenty six years of broken promises, 'Such has been the patient sufferance of these' shooting clubs.

Mr Goddard is correct. Gympie Regional Council is extremely rich, richer by far than just the Victory Rifle Range site; its property assets in Mary Street, Tozer St, Johns Street, the Industrial Estate, Tin Can Bay Cooloola Cove, Rainbow Beach, Imbil, Kilkivan plus parks and gardens would make that $4,000,000 seem very small beer. That is why with the vast collateral that ratepayers have paid for, council have no problem borrowing money.

Trouble is we have to pay it back in rates and charges. We shooters would prefer council to sell the One Mile sporting complex, or Albert Park - they might bring similar figures - or sell all the houses and land that it has repossessed for non payment of rates, enough to carry out Mr Goddard's wishes for no tip fees and smaller rates.

Mr Goddard asks: "Where else in Australia does a council allow bullets to be fired in a residential area?”

The answer to that is everywhere in Australia, from Bellmont Range in Brisbane to Springvale Range in Melbourne, Anzac Rifle Range Sydney, all perfectly safely.

The Victory Rifle Range complex has been on that site for over 100 years, the only accident was police using the range for training, one shot himself in the leg by accident. When compared to the accident record of horse racing tracks, or soccer fields, golf courses or lawn bowls, shooting is the safest of sports.

Yes, the shooting clubs are sitting on some very expensive real estate and council has been sitting on the fence, hoping for them all to go away, so it can capitalise on the $4,000,000 without paying for the relocation, but that is not going to happen.

The clubs have hundreds of new members and have an increasing demand for larger and better facilities.

When regional championships are on, finding a carpark is almost impossible.

Besides waiting for two hours for a position to shoot at the firing point. The facilities at some of the shooting clubs are quite adequate to shoot the national championships but they need more space for more competitors and spectators.

They have the money to do the work, but council will not allocate them more space. Council wants to continue to 'sit on the fence', make and break promises. If it spent some millions in relocating the ranges it could capitalise on the Victory site, or of they chose to change the residential zoning and allow the clubs to build the underground range and develop the three other shooting clubs on the Victory site.

All it needs is council action instead of more broken promises.

Jason Harelle,



Scrap metal cleaned up

I WISH I had found out sooner of the wonderful service Gympie scrap metal perform free or pay to come to your land and pick up any metal you are worried about how to get rid of, like eyesores of old cars etc.

They do a wonderful job and gladly pay the residents to clean up their land of metal. I wish to extend the good news to fellow residents.

Jim Sweeney,



IS THAT the bells I hear this morning predicting the end of this regional council?

What a distorted view the elected people have of their worth.

If they are listening at all they will hear more people saying it is the worst council in history.

The councillors are receiving ridiculous remuneration for little work.

The community is saying they are thankful for the couple who query/disagree and council is not a complete boys' club of Yes Minister.

Surely the councillors should remember they were elected by the people to make the best decisions in the people's interest.

But if the people want change they have to find better people to stand for council and these people have to come forward now to show their worth.

It is not true to say the community should be electing all university educated/professional people or business owners to form a council as some of these people have no common sense that comes from life-living.

I think the other tiers of government have caused some havoc in local government circles by taking over some of the decisions previously made by local government.

This means we need people in council who will make a stand about this.

It is also not true to think that we need more pretty things like our great parks and the like when we should be giving concessions to our small businesses to stay open.

Why would we think tourists will come here for a cup of coffee when they can go to the beaches/big shopping centres at the Sunshine Coast and have their coffee?

We can't compete with them so why are we trying to be like them?

We have our own natural assets/history/environment and the like.

Gympie region is looking good. But we have to go more slowly if the people can't afford to live here.

So get off your couch and make your voice heard in the right places.

Julia Lawrence OAM,


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