Drugs, bail breaches and bail breaches were some of the cases heard in Gympie Magistrates Court this week.
Drugs, bail breaches and bail breaches were some of the cases heard in Gympie Magistrates Court this week. Greg Miller

Disused firearm draws fine: Magistrates Court recap

IT HAS been a busy week in Gympie Magistrates Court.

Disused firearm draws fine

A BROKEN down air rifle which the owner considered "no more than a stick” has cost him $750.

Morgan James Friske-King, 24, of Tamaree, said the rifle was a gift from his grandfather which he had only used as decoration.

Unregistered, it was found by police on January 24, along with several loose ammunition shells, in a drawer near the front door after Friske-King had moved to another residence.

Accepting Friske-King's guilty plea in Gympie Magistrates Court, Magistrate B. Barrett said there was "nothing sinister” in his actions as he was otherwise fully licensed. No conviction was recorded.

Stolen car key

THE decision to go home with the key to a brand new Subaru in her handbag rather than return it at the end of a shift has cost a Gympie woman $658.64 in fines and compensation.

Having signed an agreement to not take property from the premises while employed, Makayla Joy Kassulke, 23, pleaded guilty to one charge of stealing by clerks and servants in Gympie Magistrates Court.

The court heard an Auto Action Group supervisor noticed the key missing on October 4, a week after Kassulke had been dismissed over a verbal altercation with staff.

Kassulke said she thought she had put it back, only to find it underneath a seat when cleaning her car five weeks later. "Paralysed”, she left it on top of the dishwasher, unsure of how to return it, and it was reported stolen on November 24.

Magistrate B. Barrett said it was an "unusual” case, but said a number of options to return the key had been available.

Jail for repeat bail breacher

A GYMPIE woman has been sentenced to nine months jail for repeatedly failing to adhere to bail conditions.

Rebekah Louisa-May Treveton, 31, pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to appear, and six charges of breaching bail.

The court heard Treveton continued to ignore curfew, residence and reporting conditions over a two-week period in February.

Sitting in the dock, she told Gympie Magistrates Court she had been "doing well and then stuffed up”, and simply wanted the sentencing finalised so she could move on with her life.

A parole release date was set for May 27.

Police pluck weed from garden

A 42-YEAR-OLD Downsfield woman has been given a two-month suspended jail sentence after police found a marijuana plant growing in her garden bed.

Jean Elizabeth Kelly pleaded guilty to producing dangerous drugs after the plant was found growing in a car tyre amongst other vegetables and herbs.

Representing herself, Kelly did not offer any defence before her sentencing in Gympie Magistrates Court.

Citing Kelly's "less than favourable history” with drugs, Magistrate B. Barrett suspended the sentence for one year.

Asked by Kelly if there was anything else she needed to do after the sentence was handed down, Mr Baldwin replied "don't reoffend”.

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