Court rejects fraud appeals

FORMER Kandanga Creek State School principal, Robert Peter Dillewaard, lost his career over credit card frauds totalling less than $2000.

This week, he also lost nine District Court appeals against the fraud convictions, imposed in the Magistrates Court on May 24 last year.

The convictions involved "dishonest use of a corporate (Education Queensland) credit card," according to court documents released on Monday.

Judge John Robertson also reheard an allegation of stealing as a servant and convicted Dillewaard on that charge also.

Dillewaard, 46, had already served three days of a five-week minimum sentence, but will not now be required to serve any more of the five-week minimum jail sentence imposed in the Magistrates Court.

Instead, he will have six months suspended jail hanging over him for the next 12 months.

The judge ordered Dillewaard to repay an outstanding $755, the amount not paid back already, out of a total amount of $1940.55, described as being "derived from his offending."

The money was spent for personal purposes, including the purchase of items and groceries at Noosa and Rainbow Beach.

Judge Robertson said Dillewaard was 45 at the time of the offences and had no previous convictions.

"His employment had been terminated and he had lost a considerable amount of his superannuation.

The judge said Dillewaard had lacked remorse about "his significant breach of trust" and "was cavalier about the use of the card".

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