EPIC FINISH: Zeke Hausmann and Nick Ellmes stagger with exhaustion.
EPIC FINISH: Zeke Hausmann and Nick Ellmes stagger with exhaustion.

Distance runners excel

THE mass of supporters lining the One Mile Ovals yesterday for the Cooloola All Schools Cross Country Titles were treated to a flurry of spectacular finishes.

One finish that is sure to be etched into the memories of the spectators, took place between Jones Hill State Primary School runner Zeke Hausmann and St Patrick College’s Nick Ellmes in the 10 years age group.

The pair came tearing down the final stretch of the course side-by-side, faces red from exhaustion and gritting their teeth as they made one final effort in a bid to beat the other.

There was pride on the line in this battle, together with the elation of victory.

With 30 metres remaining, both runners clipped shoulders jostling for the best position to attack the finish line.

Hausmann fell behind momentarily before finding a sudden burst of energy to hit the front.

Ellmes responded but his legs, although turning to jelly, found an extra gear, carrying him back into the lead.

The St Patrick’s runner dived across the line ahead of his rival while Hausmann picked himself up and continued to work his way to the finish line, only to stumble slightly himself from the effort.

It was an incredible example of the determination shown by many athletes at yesterday’s Cooloola All Schools Cross Country Titles, involving both primary and secondary students.

The one kilometre circuit around the One Mile Oval was utilised for the event, in addition to surrounding land around the adjacent BMX track and nearby roads.

Gympie State High School teacher and coach of the Cooloola All Schools athletics group, Keith Brown, said two loops were in use for the runners, aged from 10 through to 18-year-olds.

The oldest of the runners tackled a gruelling 10-kilometre course that was combination of both loops taking in the streets near the Gympie Ten Pin Bowling Centre.

Brown said particular standout performances included Shaun Lee, Clare O’Brien and Stephanie Mills, who all train with the Cooloola All Schools athletics group.

Lee continues to assert his name as a long distance powerhouse, closing in on Gympie runner Jack Curran’s best times.

“Shaun works extremely hard and that is steadily making up the difference between his times and those of Jack when he was Shaun’s age,” Brown said.

With all the results in, the top five primary school and top six secondary school placegetters will travel to Monto on July 1 to attend Wide Bay trials. From there, a shot at the state titles awaits.



10 years 2000m

Boys: 1. Nick Ellmes (St Patrick’s); 2. Zeke Hausmann (Jones Hill SS); 3. Eli Lovell (CCC)

Girls: 1. Ruby Condon (St Patrick’s); 2. Madeline Hartwig (CCC); 3. Tiera Cartwright (Two Mile SS)

11 years 3000m

Boys: 1. Joe Chapman (St Patrick’s); 2. Shaun Cooper (One Mile SS); 3. Bailey Long (St Patrick’s)

Girls: 1. Stephanie Mills (Gympie South SS); 2. Maddison Shinnick (Gympie South SS); 3. Rebekah McKay (Two Mile SS)

12 years 3000m

Boys: 1. Lachlan Humphreys (Jones Hill SS); 2. Eric Lawton (Rainbow Beach SS); 3. Wade Bliesner (Jones Hill SS)

Girls: 1. Clare O’Brien (Gympie West SS); 2. Hannah Waltisbuhl (CCC); 3. Annabel Collins (Gympie South SS)

13 years 3000m

Boys: 1. Billy Bayldon (GSHS); 2. Luke Macrae (GSHS); 3. Gabriel Kupeczki (JNSHS)

Girls: 1. Karleigh McKay (St Patrick’s); 2. Farrah Roongsang-Ellis (CCC); 3. Charlee Bowyer (GSHS)

14 years 4000m

Boys: 1. Shaun Lee (JNSHS); 2. Jaydan Tappin (St Patrick’s); 3. Caleb Lucas (CCC)

Girls: 1. Samantha Sutton (GSHS); 2. Aimee Bruckner (JNSHS); 3. Joelee Groves (CCC)

15 years 4000m

Boys: 1. Mitchell Collins (CCC); 2. Ricky Dann (JNSHS); 3. Tui Ormond (CCC)

Girls: 1. Jess Hurrell (JNSHS); 2 . Sierra McKenzie (Victory College); 3. Larissa Dalglish (JNSHS)

16 years

Boys (6000m) 1. Lee Baines (JNSHS); 2. Kye Simpson (JNSHS); 3. Matthew Wade (JNSHS)

Girls (4000m) 1. Jess Carlton (CCC); 2. Anika Coyne (GSHS); 3. Josie Whordley (JNSHS)

17 years

Boys (6000m) 1. Dan Ormond (CCC); 2. Josh Clark (JNSHS); 3. Callum Hogg (JNSHS)

Girls (4000m) 1. Kahlia Daniels (CCC); 2. Kristy Reid (GSHS); 3. Stacey Marsh (St. Patrick’s)

12 & U AWD 2000m

Boys: Tom Redding (Gympie South SS);

Girls: No competitors

13-19 years AWD 3000m

Boys: Sean Faint (JNSHS)

Girls: Rebecca Winnell (Gympie South SS)

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