"Dingo Lady" Jennifer Parkhurst Craig Warhurst

Dingo Lady not off the hook

STEALING charges against “Dingo Lady” Jennifer Parkhurst were dropped yesterday, but the wildlife photographer was not let off the hook, instead pleading guilty to lesser charges of receiving stolen property.

Prosecution said there was enough evidence to prove Parkhurst was involved when three signs were removed from Fraser Island sometime between January 2007 and August 2009.

The court heard there were “references or blogs” on the internet that connected Parkhurst to the offence and proved she was aware the “dingo alert” signs had been removed unlawfully.

It was established that Parkhurst, 43, found a wooden sign “lost and apparently abandoned in marine debris” and had taken photographs of a colleague removing two metal dingo management signs.

These were located in Parkhurst’s possession on August 26 when officers from the Department of Environment and Resource Management, accompanied by a police officer, raided her Rainbow Beach home.

“I gather...you are passionate about what’s happening, or not happening with the dingoes on Fraser Island,” Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said.

“I’m sure the family of Clinton Gage (mauled to death by two dingoes on Fraser Island) feels as strong about managing dingoes as you feel about protecting them.

Parkhurst was ordered to complete 80 hours of community service and no conviction was recorded.

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