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'Did you smell that?': Cop hater's revenge move

A MAGISTRATE was astounded to hear what a young man said to emergency services as they tried to assist his distressed friend, including purposely farting at police and urinating in the car.

Reece Thomas Cartwright, 20, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one public nuisance charge, one obstructing police, one assaulting police and one for damaging a police car by urinating inside it.

Police were called to assist QAS who were attending a male with a open wound on his foot on the corner of Burnett and Musgrave Sts at 2am on April 15.

First, Cartwright yelled at QAS "They're not professionals. There's no blood on their hands... I could do a better job than these c---s."

Later, after he'd calmed down a bit and was allowed to sit near his distressed friend, Cartwright said he "respected the paramedics more than the f---ing cops any day". This was after he called police derogatory names.

Cartwright then resisted arrest as police took him into custody for public nuisance, holding onto the armrest of the ambulance as the officer attempted to remove him from the vehicle.

After escorting him to the rear of the police vehicle, officers attempted to search him. Cartwright turned his body, hindering the search. Next, he caused police discomfort when he farted loudly at them and asked them "did that smell?".

After Cartwright was placed in the police car pod, he urinated in it. He had not alerted officers of his need for a bathroom.

Officers noticed after they saw liquid dripping on to the road beneath the pod.

He had a blood alcohol content reading of 0.150.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke questioned where Cartwright's obvious deep-seated hatred towards emergency service personnel came from considering his minimal criminal record.

"Your behaviour was completely irrational and outrageous," he said.

He ordered Cartwright to 120 hours of community service for his childish behaviour towards police and fined him $900 for the other offences. No convictions were recorded.

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