Devoted swimmer joins Gympie Times’ sport team


Champion swimmer Drew Timbs has joined The Gympie Times newspaper as a sport reporter.
Champion swimmer Drew Timbs has joined The Gympie Times newspaper as a sport reporter. Tanya Easterby

THE Gympie Times welcomes Drew Timbs to the sport desk as he completes a gap year before heading to university.

Q. What sports have you played and what are your greatest highlights?

A. I have played various sports such as soccer, rugby union and tennis, but my utmost passion is swimming. My greatest sporting highlight would definitely be the first time I qualified for swimming nationals at Hervey Bay in 2009. Another highlight would be when I was named in the Queensland soccer shadow team at Rockhampton in 2010.

Q. What age did you start swimming and what clubs have you swam for?

A. I have been swimming since I was six, and I've represented the Gympie Gold Fins and the Toowoomba Academy when I went to boarding school.

Q. Who is your sporting idol and why?

A. My sporting idol would have to be Geoff Huegill. I can remember watching his races at the 2000 Olympics when I was five and saying to myself "I want to be just like him". His inspirational comeback was one to be admired, losing more than 40kg and winning gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Q. Have you ever raced against famous swimming stars?

A. I've had the pleasure to race with Olympians such as Christian Sprenger and Cameron McEvoy. I was also set to race the controversial swimmer Nick D'Arcy early last year but he was unfortunately scratched from the race.

Q. What do you like about swimming?

A. People always tell me, "swimming is a terrible sport - all you do is follow a black line twice a day, six days a week, and for four hours a day". However I love training, its not boring and never the same. I get to push my body to its absolute limit and then more some, and it's a very rewarding feeling. Competing is also an amazing part of swimming, focusing all your hours of training on races that last for under 60 seconds. It's a high pressure sport and very adrenaline pumping.

Q. Did you complete your schooling in Gympie?

A. I attended Saint Patrick's College and primary from 2000-2009. Then at the start of Year 10, I moved to boarding school in Toowoomba where I completed years 10-12 and trained under former swimming Olympian, Dick Orbell.

Q. Are you going to university?

A. Yes, after I complete my gap year working at the Gympie Times I start University in 2014, studying journalism at the University Of Queensland.

Q. What made you choose sports journalism as a career path?

A. I figured that I loved writing feature articles in school, and I loved all kinds of sport, so why not try out sports journalism. I love it so far.

Q. What do you hope to bring to the sports pages at the Gympie Times?

A. I hope to bring a diverse range of sporting knowledge and experience to the field and keep the pages fresh and lively. I love writing about local sport and hearing about the great accomplishments of our local sporting stars.

Player profile

Name: Drew Timbs

Age: 17

Born: Gympie

Favourite food: Homemade hamburgers

Favourite TV program: Modern Family

Favourite music: Trance/House/Dubstep

Sport you would play if not Swimming: Soccer

Funniest moment in sport: My funniest moment would have to be the time I split my togs at swimming training. I was bending down on the blocks for a dive with everybody watching behind me, as I bent down I heard a frightening sound and suddenly my togs split at the back. Laughter erupted from my team-mates.

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