Devils go down in darkness

GYMPIE Devils president Brett Francis was extremely disappointed the Sunshine Coast/Gympie Rugby League decided to award Saturday night’s abandoned game to Beerwah, after a power failure to lights caused them to go out.

Francis thought the Sunshine Coast/Gympie Rugby League would replay the match after initial conversations with hierarchy suggested the game would be replayed tonight.

“All indications were the game would be replayed,” Francis said.

Both Gympie and Beerwah had to submit a proposal to the league about the outcome of the game Monday morning.
After deliberations the game was awarded to Beerwah 18-6.

The lights went out at Jack Stokes five minutes into the second half, just after Beerwah had scored and converted a try to take their lead to 18-6.

Players and coaching staff then waited half an hour to see if the lights could be restarted before deciding too much time had elapsed and abandoned the game. Five minutes later, Energex workers got the lights going.

Devils coach John Greensil said it was the second time the power supply to the lights had failed at Jack Stokes.

Last year the Devils were two tries in front of Kawana when the lights failed with 15 minutes to go.

Then, the Devils were awarded the game because they were in front on the scoreboard when the game was abandoned.

After that game the Sunshine Coast/Gympie league changed the rules so if the same thing ever happened, they would decide the outcome of the game.

Greensil said on Sunday, Sunshine Coast/Gympie CEO James Ward had decided the game needed to be replayed because not enough time had elapsed in the second half to decide the result.

“A lot of things can happen in 35 minutes,” Greensil said.

The Devils agreed with the decision but Beerwah disputed it saying they didn’t want to replay the game.

Greensil said the lights went out because of an Energex fault outside the grounds.

He said he had been told that on a cold night at Monkland, when power demand is high, there isn’t enough power available to keep the lights operating, causing the fault.

Greensil said the Devils weren’t playing that well, but were still in the game.

“We kept turning over a lot of ball in the first half and let them into the game,” Greensil said.

“We were down 12-6 at half time and then they scored just after the break. We could have turned the game around,” he said.

“We are a second half side,” he said.

Gympie Times

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