Dealer swigged rape drug to put himself to sleep

A SUNSHINE Coast man, who would swig the date-rape drug fantasy so he could sleep, had almost $35,000 in unexplained income after police analysed his finances.

Glen Dahtler, 34, had been trafficking almost $40,000 worth of fantasy and $40,000 worth of cocaine around the Kawana Waters area for a year.

But the former Tanawha firefighter made the mistake of selling some of his 11.5l of fantasy, also known as GHB, to a covert officer.

Justice James Douglas sentenced Dahtler in Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday to eight years jail, with parole eligibility in November, 2014.

Crown prosecutor David Finch said Dahtler was able to source large quantities of both drugs at wholesale amounts which he onsold for profit.

He said GHB was originally developed for "anaesthetic use in the medical sphere", was not restricted and even sold in health food stores.

Mr Finch said the now illegal drug had two common uses, for sexual assaults because it rendered victims unconscious almost immediately, and deliberately ingested for its sedating effects.

He said it took six to eight hours for a person to eliminate GHB from their system.

Defence barrister Steve Kissick said his client was seen "swigging from the bottle" of GHB because he used it to get himself to sleep and a high capacity for the drug.

He said his client had successfully completed the QMERIT drug rehabilitation program and was now clean.

"I can't dispute this was drug dealing for profit but he was in the grip of a significant drug addiction," he said.
Dahtler has already served 109 days in custody.

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