A man has been sentenced to eight years behind bars for dealing drugs.
A man has been sentenced to eight years behind bars for dealing drugs. Rae Wilson

Drug dealer sentenced to eight years in jail

A MAN managed to sell thousands of dollars worth of drugs to fuel his own habit but allowed his young family to be kicked out of three Bundaberg homes because of unpaid rent.

Danny Thomas Moran pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine, MDMA, cannabis and methamphetamine in Bundaberg, between May 2008 and February 2011.

Moran was caught during a police operation targeting drug activity in Bundaberg.

Crown prosecutor Samuel Bain told the Supreme Court in Brisbane where Moran was sentenced on Wednesday police picked up Moran through telephone intercepts.

Mr Baine said Moran supplied to lower-level dealers who on-sold.

The court heard Moran confessed to police he sold between five to 10 grams of "speed" a week and bought a gram of methamphetamine for $700.

Moran also sold ecstasy tablets for $15 each and sold cocaine for $450 a gram, which he bought from a supplier for $100 cheaper.

The Crown estimated Moran sold about $292,500 worth of methamphetamine.

When Moran was arrested in February 2011, he was released on bail but police caught him again facilitating a drug deal.

Defence barrister Craig Eberhardt said his client used trafficking to fund his own habit.

"He and his young family were evicted from three homes in Bundaberg because of unpaid rent," he said.

The court granted a forfeiture order on Moran's BMW, which Mr Eberhardt described as a "bomb" worth $1000.

The court heard Moran had been committed to rehabilitation while in custody and had completed every course offered to him.

Moran was also charged for summary offences, including firearm possession.

Justice Ann Lyons said it was clear Moran was at the end of his drug use.

She sentenced him to eight years in jail with 434 days already served in custody.

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