DASH CAM: No windscreen, on the phone at 100km plus

A DRIVER has posted disturbing dash cam footage of a woman driving down the Ipswich motorway in a car without a windscreen, while talking on the phone.

The man who captured the moment says he sees 'bogans doing extraordinarily dumb things' all over southeast Queensland but was particularly taken aback by the condition of the car.

In the video the woman, holding a phone to her ear using her shoulder, appears to drift closer unnecessarily close to the man's car along the multilane stretch.

He then speeds up, capturing clear footage of the front of the damaged car, which also shows there is a passenger inside.

"I found it strange… there was a front passenger who could have had the (phone) conversation for her (instead of the driver using a mobile while driving).

The man, who asked not to be named, posted the footage to the Dash Cam Australia Facebook Page saying "it's not something you see every day".

He is also a motorbike rider and said phone users are quite concerning for a motorcycle rider.

"… they can wipe you out instantly".

The footage has been made public as police launch a three-day campaign targeting drink and drug drivers in the lead up to Christmas, but police say driver inattention, particularly the use of mobile phones, can be just as deadly.

Ipswich Road Policing Officer in Charge, Senior Sergeant Troy Hamilton said drivers' inattention was a major issue when it comes to road safety.

"For some people a mobile phone is almost like their lifeline; they act as if when thye don't have a phone in their hands the world stops," Sen Sgt Hamilton said.

"The fact is a distraction, like using your phone, puts other drivers at risk."

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