'Cranky' Gladstone dad strikes teenage daughter

ANGRY, a Gladstone dad lost his temper and struck the face of his teenage daughter in an assault on a child that police said jail was called for.

The 47-year-old dad pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to three counts of contravening Domestic Violence Orders.

Two offences happened on October 20 and the third incident on April 29.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens outlined a series of incidents in which the man sent texts to his estranged wife despite the DV Order.

Comments were made about her new boyfriend saying he would "find him", with references to jail, a mental ward, and to someone going to hospital.

He named the boyfriend, stating "I am going to damage ****."

On October 20 last year the man had been at home with his 14-year-old daughter when the pair argued.

Sgt Stevens said the argument went on for some time and escalated.

"He struck his daughter once to her face causing a cut to her inside lip," he said.

"She became distressed and left the house."

Sgt Stevens said when his estranged wife received texts she ignored the contact believing if she replied it would escalate the situation.

When police arrived to speak to him the next day, Sgt Stevens said he was too intoxicated to interview.

On April 29 his wife received texts holding "screen shots off Facebook", the images were of a friend and a witness to a matter.

Sgt Stevens said this caused her to become fearful.

"Domestic violence against a child. Actual jail time is within range," Sgt Stevens said.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said the dad was not going to do anything to the boyfriend but been "cranky, and tired of the drugs and violence around his kids".

Mr Pepito said they were empty threats and the dad now accepts there are better ways to deal with these things but was concerned about the prevalence of drugs in the household.

"He struck his daughter in the face, she was only 14," said magistrate Richard Lehmann.

"It is a fairly serious breach (of the DVO).

"No amount of discipline should result in a father striking his daughter in the face."

Mr Lehmann said he had no prior offences of violence but was on a suspended two month jail sentence for another matter that like the three charges was for non-compliance with court orders.

He fined the dad $750 and sentenced him to four months jail.

He also ordered him to serve the two months from the previous suspended sentence, a total of six months.

However, after consideration of the dad's lack of history Mr Lehmann ordered his immediate release to supervised parole.

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