Dad assaults alleged ‘bully’

A 33-year-old father was placed on probation in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday after he pleaded guilty to assaulting and harming a child.

The court heard Adam John Kewin, of Gympie approached a 15-year-old boy in the car park of the Jockey Club Hotel on February 23, and grabbed him around the neck.

The boy was riding his bicycle around the car park of the hotel when Kewin approached and then grabbed him.

The court heard Kewin had driven to the Jockey Club Hotel when he saw the boy in the car park.

His defence lawyer alleged to the court the boy had been bullying Kewin's daughter.

The court heard the boy had allegedly been threatening Kewin's daughter by text messages and she had been coming home upset.

The defence explained it was a coincidence the boy was near the hotel when Kewin arrived and Kewin had not sought him out.

However, witnesses told police when Kewin did see the boy; he launched a tirade of verbal abuse at him, and put two hands around his throat.

Another account said Kewin had used just one hand to grab the boy.

When police arrived at the scene they heard the boy had grazed his elbow when he hit the handlebar of the bike as he was grabbed by Kewin and had also grazed his knee on a pedal during the assault.

Police said the boy was shaking and distressed when they saw him and suggested he seek medical attention for his injuries.

Kewin's lawyer told the court he was unaware he had caused the injuries to the boy's elbow and knee and that Kewin had initially denied assaulting the boy when asked by police that day.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said violence, especially on children, would not be condoned by the community in any way, shape or form and told Kewin attacking his daughter's alleged bully would make no headway in alleviating the problems.

"All you did was tell him bullying was the way to go," Magistrate Baldwin said.

"Two wrongs can certainly never make a right."

Kewin pleaded guilty to one charge of assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard the car detailer had no violence listed in his criminal history and was sentenced to six months probation, however Magistrate Baldwin said there was a strong call from the community for jail terms to be handed out for violent offences.

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