Cycle class sold out thanks to Jake Gyllenhaal

IF JAKE Gyllenhaal was wondering, modestly, why his SoulCycle class was always so full, the answer has been revealed.

An article in the New York Daily News has shed light on the lengths that mainly young,  female gym goers go to  get sweaty with him  - including setting alarms so that they can book specific classes online - at the class, which combines music with training on exercise bikes.

"When he first started coming to SoulCycle, he came to my class at 10.30am and it wasn't filled out at all," instructor Kym Perfetto told the paper.

"The next week, the very next week, 10.30am was sold out, and it's been sold out [ever since]."

It's easy to see why, given the enthusiasm of his classmates on Twitter.

"I nearly fell off my bike when I spotted him," says one, or "Oh nothing, just Soul Cycle with JAKE GYLLENHAAL," writes another, alongside a creepy phone picture apparently taken behind the actor's back as he opened his locker.

What may spur fans on, is that the  actor is said to have met his model girlfriend Emily DiDonato at the gym.

And if the report doesn't make JG start taking private classes, it will likely not only make the classes even more over-subscribed than they already are, but also every other gym will want their own Gyllenhaal.

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