CURVES turns 10 this month and the team is keen to break down the misconceptions.

Curves is not just a gym for women.

Curves is about strengthening and empowering women.

The Gympie Times sat down with a couple of the club members who were passionate about Curves and got their impressions of their favourite women-only gym.

"I like the ease of the machines," Shelley Martin said, who is the second of three generations who have been coming to Curves for the past three years.

Shelley said she was not a fan of traditional gyms, with floor-to-ceiling walls of mirrors and machines that require set up and proper instruction on their correct usage.

"These are all set up and ready to go!" she said.

Shelley's mum, Robyn Dohle is a spritely woman in her 60s and said she enjoyed the social aspect and the security.

"We live in a remote area, so walking can be intimidating. Everyone here is friendly and you feel part of a family," she said. "It's a safe and supportive environment."

Shelley's daughter Eliza is 12-years-old and according to her mum, loves coming to Curves as well.

"She loves it," Shelley said. "Sometimes when I can't bring her, she'll come with my mum (Robyn)."

Kerry Hardgrave, owner and coach at Curves, says she welcomes women of all ages to attend.

"It's great to have a young person like Eliza coming along," she said.

"It improves her confidence and reinforces a healthy body image. But we have women of all ages who come here. Last year we had a couple of ladies in their 80s coming."

Curves has a range of circuits designed to boost metabolism through strength training. Each "Curvey-Girl" has an individual tag, which helps to monitor their progress on all of the machines and encourages each person to push to improve their performance at each visit.

In addition to full use of the gym facilities, members have access to a large range of Curves apparel, dietary supplements and workout accessories.

Also on hand are Kerry and Angela, who are both highly experienced circuit coaches who will help to maintain your enthusiasm and spur you on.

"I'd like to encourage all women to come along… and past members too, people who haven't been for a while, to come back and have a look at the new layout. We offer an obligation-free consultation and tour, where you can come and have a chat about your goals, what you want to achieve, and check out the equipment for yourself," Kerry said.

Curves will be running an open house the night of July 22, in line with the Winter On Mary Festival. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome to come along and see the club for themselves.

"It's never too late, and never too early to start," Kerry said. "And let's face it, if you come along, you're lapping everyone on the couch!"

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