Curra to get its own CBD - major shopping centre next year

A MAJOR new shopping centre at Curra will become the town centre for an area from Lower Wonga to Gunalda, developer Wayne Hoskin said on Thursday.

And he says the community will be asked to help design the project, a 2ha tailor-made shopping and business centre in David Dve opposite the Puma service station.

Mr Hoskins, who in his 20s owned the second Ray White real estate franchise in Australia says his latest project aims to provide local jobs and business opportunities as well as everything residents need.

"There could be a child care centre, supermarket, a butcher, pharmacy, baker, bottle shop, professional offices,” he said.

"We want people to tell us exactly what shops and facilities they and the community need,” he said.

"They tell us what they want and we can then engage an architect to design it.”

"We could be turning the soil to start building before Christmas,” builder Barry Harrison said.

That means a likely opening date next year.

"We're developers and it has to be commercially viable,” Mr Hoskin said.

"But we understand that it has to be affordable for customers and that rents have to be something small business people can manage, so they can grow the business as the community grows,” he said.

Project consultant Glynn Nielsen, who has studied the Curra area for a decade, said a laundromat could well be an important part of what he sees as a rapidly growing area.

"A lot of people are on tanks out there and when it's dry they have trouble.

"We'll have a big water treatment plant and sewerage. There's no town sewerage at Curra so that's all got to be infrastructured,” he said.

"Our company is called Curra Town Centre Pty Ltd and we see this futuristically as the centre of town,” Mr Hoskin said.

"We may add to the project as time goes by. We're here for the long haul and it may be built in stages. As the community grows we will add to it.”

"We will be talking to the Curra Country Club across the road about calling a public meeting some time in the next three months, during the development approval process, which takes 90 days.

"We're not here to plunder the site or the community. We want it to be viable and to grow with the community need.

"We're a small boutique developer,” Mr Hoskins said of his firm Wayne Hoskin and Associates.

"We've built residential units and tourist resorts among other projects over the last 20 years.”

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