Eisteddfod closes with talent

Sandra Milliken with George Hogg President of Eisteddfod Council Queensland.
Sandra Milliken with George Hogg President of Eisteddfod Council Queensland. David Crossley

AS the final day of the 117th Heritage Queensland Eisteddfod dawned on Sunday, competitors limbered up their voices and bodies in preparation for their final chance to wow the judges.

Gympie Eisteddfod Organising Committee President and Senior Vice-President of the Eisteddfod Council of Queensland Thelma Reisenleiter said she was very pleased with the staging of the 117th Queensland Eisteddfod.

Yesterday the Eisteddfod Organising Committee was “coming back down to earth” while tidying up and shifting out of the Civic Centre where the event was held from last Monday until Sunday evening.

Mrs Reisenleiter said hosting an event such as the State Eisteddfod was always a long and challenging staging but the committee and the community all agreed it was an outstanding success.

She said herself and committee members, volunteers and performers were feeling a little weary after the week-long event.

Gympie last hosted the state competition in 2003, which Mrs Reisenleiter chaired, and she said most of the current committee members had also been involved since then.

Mrs Reisenleiter, who travelled to and attended the event every year as it moved around the State, said this year brought quality acts to Gympie that were nothing short of amazing.

“The standard was as high as previous years. The last evening of finals was very special,” she said.

“Sunday evening had various categories performing that were well received by the large crowd.”

Mrs Reisenleiter said the adjudicators had spoken in glowing terms of all the performances.

Prior to the weekend junior competitors took to the stage, with a lot of Gympie region entrants and even though there were fewer for the senior section, which started on Friday morning, all of the Gympie region entrants did very well and “quite a lot of them were well placed”.

“We were thrilled with the outcome.

“It has been a tremendous cultural week.”

Mrs Reisenleiter spoke highly of the Civic Centre saying Gympie was lucky to be able to host all the items in one place, or a short walk away to the near by Senior Citizens Hall.

“We are very proud of the facility we do have in Gympie. It’s special because you don’t have to travel between venues.” she said.

“It’s the perfect venue.

“We were very proud to be involved and host the event. I would like to thank the committee members and the many volunteers.”

The weekend’s finals, massed choir, music theatre and light opera, choral and vocal results will be published in The Gympie Times this week.

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