Crook’s nutty plan to hide drugs goes balls-up

IT WAS always a nutty plan.

Mareeba career criminal Jeffrey Martin Finn's scheme to hide meth and cash in his nether regions went balls-up when fearless police officers fished his contraband out from under his private bits.

Police became aware of the balsy MO in 2017 when Finn, already a seasoned burglar and experienced in the world of methamphetamines, was pulled over while driving his Mitzubishi Pajero.

Officers had a hunch all was not what it seemed and directed Finn to reveal the contents of his undies.

Tucked away behind his package, was a ... package.

Crown prosecutor Patrick Nevard told Cairns Supreme Court this week that police found two clipseal bags each containing .7g of meth "secreted behind his testicles."

Finn had enough real estate downstairs to also stash $850 in cash, which was later returned to him.

Last August officers searched his residence and, wise to Finn's unsavoury preferred method of storage, ordered him to drop trou.

"It is unsurprising where the drugs were found," Mr Nevard said.

"In a camouflage cloth under his testicles and beneath his buttocks was a clipseal bag containing other clipseal bags."

Police counted $6000 in $50 bills hidden beneath Finn's backside.

"They seem to have followed a pattern that developed around his testicles," Justice Jim Henry said.

Viewing photos tendered by the Mr Nevard, Justice Henry was surprised at the sheer volume of material Finn had managed to secrete around his body.

The defendant, 52, pleaded guilty to possessing methylamphetamines, pseudoephedrine, testosterone, oxycodone and money suspected to be the proceeds of an offence.

Mr Nevard said Finn had accumulated a history of possessing precursor agents to make methylamphetamines other items associated with the sales of the drug.

"These are not utensils that a drug dependant person has, but rather someone who is involved in commercial possession" he said.

Justice Henry said Finn had been "caught red handed."

"Pseudoephedrine used to be easy to get at the chemist, but rogues like you made methylamphetamines with it," he said.

"You are a recidivist - you are in your 50s and just keep on offending."

He jailed Finn for 37 months including 345 days time served.

Finn will be eligible for parole halfway through his sentence.

"I'm pessimistic whether you will get parole, but you never know, you might," Justice Henry said.

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