Creepy clowns a weird US obsession

CREEPY clowns and scary scarecrows - and Halloween isn't for another three weeks!

I'm not sure what's going on with our "pals” in the US at the moment, but between their weird obsession with disturbing clowns - a situation which is getting weirder by the minute, and which threatens to escalate into some kind of mini-civil war - and their continued threats to elect Donald Trump president, I'm beginning to think there's something in the water.

Maybe they need an advisory board?

Mayor Mick Curran insists the Gympie region is not losing ownership or control of its water services by appointing its advisory board, but not everyone is convinced.

We will wait and see what happens with water costs for ratepayers.

Any raise will bring down a river of hurt on the council - something I am sure they've had enough of lately.

Kathy Little Walker's petition continues to tick along and has yet to be submitted to a higher authority; whether or not it will succeed in triggering an inquiry into the exodus of senior staff remains to be seen.

Meanwhile though, it's early October and the slide into the silly season has truly begun. There are Christmas goods in the stores and Christmas appeals being launched.

Deck the halls, Gympie!

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USC Gympie numbers on the rise

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