Gympie Magistrates Court
Gympie Magistrates Court Patrick Woods

Court told of victims' fear during drug meltdown

A MAN accused of psychotic and violent behaviour on May 14 has been jailed after a court heard he had attacked "a perfectly innocent man who was washing his car in the street.”

Matthew Wass Davis, 24, had also damaged the innocent man's work vehicle and taken the man's unregistered private car for an unauthorised drive, the court was told.

Davis had attacked the man with a metal pole, injuring the man's hand when he tried to protect himself.

Davis pleaded guilty by video from jail to multiple counts of wilful damage, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, unlawful entry, assault with bodily harm while armed and unlicensed driving in an unregistered car.

Police told the court they had been contacted by Davis's ex-partner who told police Davis had "gone into psychosis” and was damaging her rented Calton Tce unit.

He had damaged glass door panels and a plasterboard wall, accusing the woman of having him followed and trying to "put him in a hole.”

He then attacked the man from the other unit, who was washing his car and listening to the radio, with keys in the ignition.

Davis took the keys, got in the other vehicle and drove away, later returning the vehicle and saying "Sorry bro.”

Davis's legal representative said he was suffering drug induced psychosis at the time and thought he was being followed.

Mrs Baldwin warned Davis he had already spent a large proportion of his adult life in jail and, with penalties increasing with each additional offence, he was on track to spend two thirds of his life in jail.

"At the rate you're going at 24, if you make it to 60, you would spend 40 in a prison cell.

"That's the trajectory you're on,” she said.

"It is probably because of drugs, but they are drugs you chose to take,” she said.

She sentenced him to 15 months jail with parole eligibility from January 31, with additional four-month sentences suspended for three years, fined him $960 on the driving offences, sentenced him to community service and ordered him to pay $1100 restitution for damage to the unit, $630 for the vehicle and $1000 compensation to the man he injured.

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