Court interrupted by bad manners

LOCAL “justice campaigner” Terry Quinn (aka Doggy), was told to mind his own business in Gympie Magistrate Court when he tried to give a young man advice on how to behave in court yesterday.

Annoyed at a defendant's lack of respect for the court, Magistrate John Parker ordered the 18-year-old to sit up at the back of the court room and wait until he was ready to deal with him later in the day.

Mr Quinn, a self-appointed youth counsellor, stood up and indicated to the young man that he wanted to speak with him outside, when the magistrate ordered them to sit down.

“You keep out of it Mr Quinn,” Mr Parker said and told the defendant he could not leave the court room until his matter was dealt with.

After a second defendant disrupted court proceedings, Mr Parker asked Mr Quinn why he was carrying a hand-held recorder, and if there was any particular reason why he was there.

Mr Quinn said he had friends dealing with matters in court and told the magistrate he carried the recorder to tape conversations with police when they pulled him over for questioning. He voluntarily handed it to the prosecutor.

In other court matters Mr Parker told a man who appeared not to care about any penatly he would be given for drug offences that he was “A bit concerned about your attitude.”

Tyson Ashley Wynne, 18, said he preferred to be fined rather than do a one-day drug rehabilitation course when he pleaded guilty in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday to three drug charges from two separate occasions.

The court heard Wynne was arrested and taken to the lockup on August 25 when police responded to a complaint about loud voices coming from his home in Ironwood Close and smelled cannabis smoke coming out of the garage.

He was charged with possession of drugs and possession of scissors used in connection with the offence and then two weeks later on September 8, he was charged with possession of drugs again after police executed a search warrant and found .5 grams of cannabis in his bedroom.

“You don't show any signs of caring,” Mr Parker said to Wynne. “What do you think I'm going to do with you?”

Wynne shrugged.

When asked if he intended to stop smoking cannabis, Wynne indicated that he didn't know.

“Probably...or not, if that's what you want to hear,” Wynne answered.

“What do you want me to say and I'll say it.”

Mr Parker did not tolerate Wynne's blasé attitude and lack of respect for the court.

“You go and sit up the back and I'll deal with you later in the day,” he said and when Wynne got up to walk outside, he was told to sit back down in his seat.

When Mr Parker found time to deal with Wynne later, the 18-year-old appeared more respectful.

Mr Parker said he didn't care if Wynne didn't respect him as a person, but warned him of the repercussions if he didn't show respect for the court.

“When you're in trouble, admit it,” he said. “Don't be smart about it.”

Wynne was convicted and fined $600.

Gympie Times

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