Men brawl in court foyer

A LAWYER, probation officer and a court clerk jumped in to stop a fight that broke out in the Gympie Magistrates Court foyer yesterday.

It was believed a man, 19, was waiting in line to see the court-appointed lawyer when he was king hit in the face and punched a few more times. His injuries were a black eye and suspected eye socket fracture.

Police arrested both men and charged them with creating a public nuisance and the man who received the injuries was also charged with obstructing police.

The alleged assailant, 21, was given watchouse bail and a notice to appear in court and the injured man appeared in the court dock to face the original charge, for which he had been attending court, and the two that resulted from the incident.

Defence lawyer Corey Jenkins made a bail application that was strongly opposed by police based on the word of the alleged attacker that he was verbally provoked, and the fact that the defendant was currently serving an intensive corrections order.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin granted bail with strict conditions and said a number of witnesses and CCTV footage would ascertain what actually happened. He will re-appear on December 6.

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