Country smiles for early season rain

GYMPIE Regional Council (GRC) Deputy Mayor Tony Perrett, said so far council wasn't aware of any increase in mosquito numbers as a result of the past few days' rain but it certainly would make a great breeding season for the insects coupled with humid weather.

He said GRC is continuing door-to-door surveys in Goomeri to check on dengue-carrying mozzies but there were no plans for extra spraying in Gympie in response to Sunday and Monday's rain.

“Monitoring is done on a regular basis and I would encourage residents to make certain they don't provide breeding grounds.” Cr Perrett said residents should be vigilant with water pooling in their yard to make sure they empty it or sprayed “wrigglers” so they didn't mature into pesky mosquitos.

“Early season rain is quite unusual, they have forecast a fairly wet spring and summer.”

Cr Perrett said any road works council planned would have been held up on Monday but the delay wouldn't put them back too far.

“The rain is always welcome. It's a tremendous start to the season but in complete contrast to last year's very dry spring and Christmas. There's been very good carry over rains from winter.”

Cr Perrett had 57mm in the past few days and the prospect of more meant full tanks and wide smiles on country residents' faces.

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