Cr Hilary Smerdon
Cr Hilary Smerdon Maya Gurry

Council told 3 years ago of issues that led to suspensions


IT IS no surprise there have been some integrity issues surface this week.

CLICK HERE: Gympie council rocked by staff suspensions, investigation

Cr Hilary Smerdon has been a consistent voice trying to have council deal with matters like those that council now faces.

I am of the opinion that his efforts have been stifled, but he is now vindicated.

Had action been taken three years ago when matters were raised we would not be where we are today.

I do not understand why those in positions of responsibility would have in my opinion, belittled Cr Smerdon for his attempts to highlight integrity issues.

In my opinion it is characteristic of an organisational culture that has serious problems.

Councillor Glen Hartwig.
Councillor Glen Hartwig. Renee Albrecht

There is so much more to this story that can not be spoken of publicly but I feel it is fair to say that changes need to be made.

We do need to remember that at this stage there is an ongoing investigation and that those concerned must be given the presumption of innocence.

In my opinion these types of issues arise when an organisation has a culture that is not open and transparent nor understand it is spending someone else's money.

I have concerns about the third party investigation.

Will it be as independent as the report that saw Mr Fredman moved on, or perhaps the Rattler Report that can not see the light of day?

When those that have most to lose from a poor outcome are in control of the action I lose faith in the process.

Without change of leadership these issues will reoccur.

It can not be suggested that I have not had courage to face the big issues and speak publicly on matters as they arise.

Glen Hartwig,

Gympie Regional Councillor Division 2

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