Council staff have the right to feel safe at work: Mayor

GYMPIE Regional Council Mayor Mick Curran explains why a solicitor's letter was sent to a Gympie Facebook page, requesting it be shut down:

WHILE council acknowledges the right of all our residents to make public comment on council activities, I am concerned about the potentially defamatory nature of some recent activity on community Facebook pages and other social media platforms.

This material includes unsubstantiated allegations about the conduct and behaviour of myself, CEO Bernard Smith and several other councillors and council employees.

Some of the information posted also contains private details about staff members and their families.

This, in my books, is just not on.

Council has sought legal advice and taken steps to address this matter by requesting that the offending material be removed from social media and the internet.

Our people are our priority and it is important to recognise their right to feel safe at work.

In response to some of the allegations being discussed in the media over the last couple of weeks, we have provided a statement of facts to media in an effort to continue to be transparent and genuine.

There are so many positive things happening at council and in our community.

We encourage you to focus and celebrate these.

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