Liz Hutchison on Rossmore Rd at Kilkivan, where Gympie Regional Council won't be carrying out upgrades any time soon.
Liz Hutchison on Rossmore Rd at Kilkivan, where Gympie Regional Council won't be carrying out upgrades any time soon. Renee Albrecht

Council reveals Gympie roads in biggest need of upgrades

GYMPIE Regional Council has prioritised the problem roads it will allocate unspecified funding for through June next year, but that list did not include a dangerous Kilkivan stretch deemed unworthy of immediate repairs.

The Heritage Trail crossing on Rossmore Road in Kilkivan came under criticism after local resident Liz Hutchison said her daughter Elle had been one of two injured and hospitalised in a near-tragic crash in May.

Mrs Hutchison said the narrowness of the road, increased traffic, hampered visibility around the curve, flood detritus clogging the crossing, an 80km/h speed limit and council's "unwillingness” to maintain the section of gravel road all contributed to make the stretch so dangerous.

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"It is clear to me and other residents it is only a matter of time before someone is killed on this crossing,” she said at the time.

A spokesman said council had carried out proposed investigations of the road by installing traffic counters and found it would only need a "warning sign”.

"As part of the investigation a traffic count was conducted which revealed 33 vehicles per day use the road with 85 percent of them travelling at or below 48km/h,” the spokesman said.

"To put that into perspective, Tagigan Rd, which is currently being sealed, carries approximately 250 vehicles per day.

"In addition to Tagigan Rd, funding has been given to Neerdie Rd, Waldock Rd and Heilbronn Rd. which are scheduled to be completed by June next year.

"Council has identified Tandur Rd, a section of Noosa Rd, and a section of Rammutt Rd as other gravel or single lane bitumen roads that have a high traffic volume, which require upgrading, but are currently unfunded.

"Council will install a new warning sign along Rossmore Rd as a way of assisting residents and road users.”

The spokesman said "traffic volume and speed, crash history and road function (local traffic or through traffic)” were all deciding factors in council allocating capital works road projects.

No date was given for the installation of the warning sign on Rossmore Rd.


- Tagigan Road (currently being sealed)

- Neerdie Road

- Waldock Road

- Heilbronn Road

- Tandur Road (unfunded)

- Noosa Road (unfunded, partial)

- Rammutt Road (unfunded, partial)

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