Could Yowie fever fuel tourism boost to region?

The Yowie remains an elusive creature in the Gympie region. Illustrations by Bill Rasmussen
The Yowie remains an elusive creature in the Gympie region. Illustrations by Bill Rasmussen Contributed

YOWIES have once again hit the headlines - but this time, Yowie sighting hotspots throughout Queensland are wondering if they could bring a tourism boost.

Kilcoy has already become a prime Yowie destination after the local Lions Club erected a statue of the Yowie in Yowie Park.

Camp Kerr and Kilkivan may be our region's best attractions for Yowie hunters, if they investigate reports on the Australian Yowie Research website.

The website's founder Dean Harrison has reported his own encounter while camping in Kilkivan.

One corporal reported a strange encounter during a night military training exercise at Camp Kerr in 2003.

While nobody saw the figure, it was clearly intelligent, could see in the dark and stayed just beyond the patrol's range of vision.

In 1992, another unit was reportedly evacuated during a training exercise when some kind of large animal tore their tent down and destroyed the camp.

A Wolvi man reported waking early in the morning of September 19, 2012, to his dogs inside the house "going ballistic". When he opened the door, he was shocked to see an eight-foot man-like figure apparently going through his recycling bin.

While Mr Harrison says he was almost killed by Yowies in Kilkivan, Kybong resident Tony Duffy claims to have spoken to one for several hours.

Other sightings have been reported in Woolooga, Gayndah, Fraser Island, Kenilworth, Boreen Point, Miriam Vale and Tewantin since 2000, but most Gympie residents still harbour strong scepticism.

When the Gympie Times asked readers on Facebook whether they believed in Yowies, the answer was a resounding no.

Here's more of what you said on Facebook:

Mel Elsley: An article on the Gympie times I read a year or so ago stated a fellow Gympie man had a Yowie encounter while he was in the bush somewhere in Gympie he was at that time smoking marijuana when he met the Yowie... I just can't take this all seriously. I'm opened minded .. At least I try to be but this .. This is edging toward the hard to believe part and the fact no skeletons / remains have ever been found... Show me factual proof, documented by real experts. Until then I just throw this in the yeh nah pfft pile.

Chris Pond: Must be the same dude that camps out at Three Lakes in his van with 'Yowie' on the front...

Dave Mackenzie: For anyone who doubted Gympie's ice problem ....

Stephen Askin: Well. It can't be coincidence now that there is one in Toowoomba and Gympie.

Shane Ehrlich: Think someone needs to lay off the Winfield green.

Ness Maccad: OMG surrounded by idiots.

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