Mastadon perform at Eatons Hill in Brisbane with Gojira to a capacity crowd after their successful Download performance in Melbourne.
Mastadon perform at Eatons Hill in Brisbane with Gojira to a capacity crowd after their successful Download performance in Melbourne. ASGAI IMAGES

Could this be one of the best gigs this year?

Brisbane fans arrived early to see Gojira and Mastodon perform full sets at Eatons Hill in Brisbane on Wednesday.

Gojira were on first and the thundering guitars and drums for Only Pain were accompanied by gusts of air cannons.

The crowd exploded to the syncopated proggy riffs and by the time the band started playing The Heaviest Matter of the Universe the audience were screaming for more.

There was little chatter for the first three songs and Gojira delivered the powerhouse track SIlvera from the album Magma.

Thanking the audience the band then launched into Stranded and Flying Whales which was satisfying for fans of both new and older material.

But it was during The Cell that the performance kicked up into an entirely new level of perfectionism.

The sound was perfect and the lighting astonish, timing in with the riffs.

It was almost impossible to tear one's eyes away from the stage.

When a fan tried to predict Backbone as the next song he was greeted by the Joe Duplantier with a roaring call of 'Backbone' the confirmation everyone in the audience wanted as the song launched into its steam-train chugging.

It was pure metal heaven - riffs don't get much better, the vibe and tightness could not have been better, and the whole thing was just mesmerising.

It was a masterpiece to behold and as the spotlight lights crept across the stage in time to the riff the audience couldn't have been happier to be there.

The Remembrance outro tagged onto the end just intensified the heaviness of the set.

The band were incredibly tight, interacting with each other very little but almost having a sixth sense of each other.

The singing was on point, while the drums had a sweet warmness to them with a lovely crack to the end.

Le'Enfant Sauvage and Vacuity closed the set far too soon as the sweaty wild audience watched the band thank the audience for their support.

There are definitely positive vibes in the Mastodon camp at the moment with the band putting in an animated, fun and powerful set where you could just feel their enjoyment at being on stage and playing together.

They exploded on stage with Sultun's Curse, Divinations and Crystal Skull, much like their Download set, but this time there something different - something more.

Fans unleashed on the barrier and Troy, Brent and Brett greeted them with smiles and eye contact.

This was their gig, they were in total control and knew it and they were able to deliver the songs in the astonishing musical perfection they deserved.

The sound was immaculate.

The unsung heroes of the Mastodon and Gojira sideshow at Eatons Hill in Brisbane were the sound desk.

They allowed the sound and beauty of the bands to truly flourish and expand across the capacity crowd.

This showed on the songs Ember City and Roots Remain, as well as Steambreather where the solos and dual octave guitar magic of Bill Kelliher and Brent Hinds were so tight and emotive, but also crystal clear and you could watch, unbelievably, how the notes intersected while they tore through them on the guitar neck.

The notes were ringing together in perfect harmony but at blistering speed.

It was guitar and drumming heaven.

Brann Dailor was a little hard to see hidden at the back of the stage sweating in front of the lights, but his drumming was so perfectly tight and smooth it sounded better than most drumming on the albums.

Troy Sanders on bass was captivating, smashing out his notes while tearing across the stage like a madman only to return to the mic with pure focus and presence like some sort of lion.

When you say a band is tight, it usually means they sound good and everything is on point.

Mastodon are a single unit. A single organism. Every element coming together in perfection.

For any musician this is a band to see live. And when you go back and listen to the albums after seeing a live show it is hard not to become emotional.

The dual groove of the main riffs in Steambreather have such a new intensity when you hear them live that you understand how the band grooved and perfected them in the rehearsal room.

The music is so finally crafted with so many little highlights and elements and ingenious licks and grooves that it is a wonder it can be replicated live with pitch perfect singing.

It makes it feel genuine and authentic.

It is the real deal.

It is no wonder they won a grammy for their track 'Sultan's Curse'

The lighting was immaculate and the crowd were super well behaved but at the same time full of moshing fury.

Just when the audience looked like it had given everything, the band unleashed Blood and Thunder.

A full circle pit erupted, and the heavy tones shook the walls as the final notes of Mastodon's final show of their Australian run as part of Download ended.

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