Tweed Police are cracking down on illegal parties, which often involve intoxicated minors.
Tweed Police are cracking down on illegal parties, which often involve intoxicated minors. Thinkstock

Cop rock pelting leads to party crackdown

TWEED Police will be conducting a crackdown on illegal dance parties after they were pelted with rocks at two rave parties in two weeks.

They are also warning of the dangers of social media where parties are concerned.

"Many of these parties can be highly mobile and literally spring up in a number of hours after being advertised on social media websites, Tweed Byron LAC crime manager Detective Inspector Brendon Cullen said.

"The behaviour at these dance parties has been unacceptable and illegal. It endangers life and property and will not be tolerated."

On the early hours of Sunday morning officers were called to Cabarita Beach, near the skate park on Tweed Coast Road.

On arrival they found about 200 people, ranging from 14 to 20, and rubbish littered across the beach.

Police and their vehicles were pelted with rocks but they stood their ground, following intoxicated youths who moved to a nearby sports oval and began to fight with each other.

Eventually all party-goers were moved on.

In Round Mountain area two weeks ago police attended another illegal rave party, discovering about 200 intoxicated youths, many under the age of 18.

Rocks and other items were thrown at a police vehicle, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

Insp Cullen said he was concerned with the number of underage, and intoxicated, youths attending illegal dance parties.

"There are significant penalties that can be imposed on a people who conduct illegal dance parties including offences under the Local Government Act, the Forestry Act or the National Parks and Wildlife Act for parties being held on public or council lands, in state forests or on crown lands without the correct approvals being obtained," he said.

"There are also offences under these acts for people who erect structures such as marquees and tents, litter an area or cause damage. Again, there are significant penalties that can be imposed.

Insp Cullen said police would be targeting illegal dance parties and asked for the public's help with the issue.

"We are keen to hear from anyone who becomes aware of a party being planned or advertised. The information can be provided anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000."

"Parents need to be aware of where their children are going and what they are doing when they leave home. These dance parties can be a dangerous environment for young people, particularly when alcohol and illegal drugs are involved."

Police provided tips for those hosting legitimate parties:

Register with police at and receive a Safe Party Pack.

Send out written invitations and avoid social media.

If gatecrashers appear ask them to leave and call police if necessary.

Consider hiring security.

Do not supply minors with alcohol.

Organise transport for guests.

Confine the party to a backyard, building or enclosed area.

Be responsible with service of alcohol.

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