NO RECEPTION: Les and Bobbie Wessling from Tin Can Bay are sick and tired of the terrible television reception throughout the Cooloola Coast communities.
NO RECEPTION: Les and Bobbie Wessling from Tin Can Bay are sick and tired of the terrible television reception throughout the Cooloola Coast communities. Renee Albrecht

Cooloola Coast communities angry over TV reception

TIN Can Bay residents have had enough after more than a year of rolling television blackouts.

Retirees Bobbie and Les Wessling, of Tin Can Bay, said they experienced 24 hours without television and are now petitioning their Federal Member of Parliament to do something about it.

The couple has around 300 signatures of people tired of patchy reception and will present their issue to Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien.


Mrs Wessling, 70, said Mr O'Brien recommended she call WIN, the television station responsible.

"I've done everything. I've checked it all. I have done everything he (Mr O'Brien) suggested,” she said.

"Sometimes it is off for a few minutes, sometimes hours. One day it lasted from 10am to 3pm, and one day for over 24 hours.

"It hasn't always been this bad.”

Mrs Wessling said the community's elderly residents rely on television for companionship.

"I'm annoyed. Not just for myself but the whole community. Particularly the elderly who rely on television for company.”

She said people seemed too willing to pass the problem on to somebody else.

"I had the channel 9 guy go over our antenna and cabling. It's all been checked,” Mrs Wessling said.

"The television is only two years old and I've checked all my neighbours. I've rang the TV stations and they all said they haven't had any outages.

"I tried all day. Rang half a dozen times. Eventually got a hold of someone and they said they had no outages.

"Nobody seems to want to take responsibility. It's passing the buck basically.”

In a statement to The Gympie Times, a spokesman for the Australian Communications and Media Authority said viewers must report outages to their authority.

"Using the auto tuning option in an overlapping coverage area does not guarantee that the television or set top box will lock onto the correct channels. Consequently, some viewers may have their TV receiver tuned to weaker signals and experience reception difficulties, while the stronger signals from other broadcast sites are available.

"There have been several recent outages due to the recent adverse weather conditions which impacted the broadcast sites in the area. As the Tin Can Bay broadcast site provides the input signal for the Cooloola Cove and Rainbow Beach broadcaster sites when the Tin Can bay site was affected by these adverse weather conditions this also impacted both the other sites.

"In this instance, and at a number of other transmission sites around Australia, the licence to broadcast television to a particular area has been granted to an organisation that is not a broadcaster. For the Cooloola Cove, Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay areas the broadcast sites are all operated by RBA holdings,” the spokesman said.

"This organisation that has been granted the licence for these sites and is responsible for the ongoing operation, maintenance and quality of the digital signal broadcast from the sites they are licenced to operate. As such, they should be the first point of contact when viewers experience difficulty receiving the identified services. "

If you are in the Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove or Tin Can Bay area and encounter bad reception, contact RBA holdings.

A spokesman from Mr O'Brien's office encouraged people to contact his office when coverage is out, but said it was important WIN receive feedback.

Llew O'Brien's office: 1300 301 968 /(07) 4121 2936

WIN: (07) 4150 1799

RBA Holdings: 1300 387 079

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