Cooloola Coast Bowls Sue Ramsay
Cooloola Coast Bowls Sue Ramsay

Cooloola Bowls loses week of play in ‘unheard of’ washout

We have the players, we have the wanting, we have the willing but the weather has other ideas.

We have had more bowling days cancelled due to the weather this year than for the last three years put together.

Our members all want to play even with the new restrictions imposed by the health department but the weather will not let us.

To have most of this week a wash out is unheard of so there are a lot of unhappy players out there. Hopefully they will come back even more enthusiastic.

Most wet days you may get sidelined for a short stoppage and back out again but this week on some days we did not even get out there. Still we had one day of play which proved fortuitous as we played the final of the Ladies Fours Championship game which would not normally be played on a Tuesday but because the previous Saturday was washed out it was rearranged for this week and as it happens Saturday this week would have been washed out as well.

Wendy Ryan.
Wendy Ryan.

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Tuesday Nominated Jackpot Pairs

We had a mixed day as some of the regular Tuesday bowlers were involved in the Ladies Fours Final so we had one game of Triples as well as the pairs games. This proved how adaptable we all are as the triples team of Bill Ruddle, Allan Wegner and Ron Gageler were the winners on the day.

The winners of the second game were Gary Holyoak and Ross Ashley.

Sue Pollitt.
Sue Pollitt.


The Ladies Fours championship game proved to be a hard-fought battle with both teams showing good skills to keep the game see sawing. Well done to all the competing players as they gave us an exciting game to watch. The winning team was Cyndy Glenbar, Sue Ramsay, Sue Pollitt and Wendy Ryan. We done and all the best in the future.

Cyndy Glenbar.
Cyndy Glenbar.

All of the other days were washed out this week but it did not deter the regulars for our Saturday Burger Special. Unfortunately they did not have a game to watch though. This week we welcome our friends from the Burgowan Bowls Club with our annual Shield Match. So all those wanting to see some entertaining bowling please come down on Saturday and Sunday as the green will be packed. Our Bistro on Friday of course will be open as usual with a new entertainer providing live music for us. For all the details visit our website

Look forward to seeing you all bowling next..... weather permitting!

Gary Holyoak

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