Convoy of Army vehicles on highways to Shoalwater Bay

A CONVOY of Army vehicles are departing Brisbane this week for military exercises at Shoalwater Bay.

There will be a number of Army convoys leaving from Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera today and tomorrow.

All vehicles will be driven under Army convoy conditions, maintaining the safest legal highway speeds and leaving motorists room to pass when safe.

About 370 vehicles will depart the base on the mornings of June 17 and 18 . The vehicles will be a mixture of passenger coaches, trucks, Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles, G-Wagon and Land Rover 4WDs.

All movements have been designed to deconflict with peak traffic periods in the city where possible, however Army regrets any inconvenience which may be experienced by motorists and thanks them for their understanding and patience.

The vehicles will travel to the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in the vicinity of Rockhampton, where almost 2000 soldiers from the 7th Brigade will undertake Exercises DIAMOND STRIKE and TALISMAN SABRE/HAMEL from 20 June 20 until July 24.

These two exercises are the culmination of a 12 month training continuum which will see the 7th Brigade certified as Army's 'Ready' Brigade from July 1.

From July 1, 2015 until June 30, 2016 the 7th Brigade will be the Army's contingency Brigade and will stand ready to conduct the full spectrum of joint and inter-agency operations at short notice.

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