Nadine Edmunds outside the existing Jones Hill store.
Nadine Edmunds outside the existing Jones Hill store. Renee Pilcher

Convenience store to grow

CONVENIENCE shopping will be a much more comfortable task for Jones Hill and nearby residents, after council approval this week of a new shop.

The shop is to be constructed on an adjacent block of land, currently zoned residential.

This week's first business meeting of the newly elected Gympie Regional Council heard the new shop was expected to have a gross floor area of about 477sq m, while the existing shop would be vacated, except for the bottle shop.

The meeting was told the developer intended to keep the existing petrol bowsers in use, with customers paying at the new shop.

A report to councillors said this was a suitable arrangement because the separate traffic streams going to the shop and the petrol pumps would be using separate blocks.

The report said although the proposal was an inconsistent land use in a residential area, it "can be supported given the preliminary approval issued by the council in 2007".

The shop, which fronts the Mary Valley Hwy is expected to generate extra traffic and a condition of approval is payment of a road traffic contribution of $66,690.

Some concerns raised by nearby residents related to possible storm water runoff from the project into adjoining properties, a need for a privacy fence on the northern boundary, increased traffic and light and noise nuisances.

Councillors were told stormwater would be piped across the property of a neighbour who had given permission and a 1.5m fence is to be built, along with landscaping.

Transport and Main Roads Department conditions include road widening, kerb and channel and a road median with a dedicated right turn lane into the development.

Light and noise emissions are considered unlikely to be any worse than those from the existing shop.

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