Construction on greyhound track halted due to review

MINISTER for Sport and Racing Bill Byrne has directed Racing Queensland to stop work on construction of a new greyhound track at Cronulla Park in Logan.

"I have issued a formal directive to Racing Queensland to cease work on the facility pending the outcome of the independent review into the greyhound racing industry that is now under way," Minister Byrne said.

"In making this decision I have also considered advice from the Logan City Mayor, Councillor Pam Parker, that the local Council does not support the development.

"It is my view that it is in the best interests of the racing industry to pause the project at this time so that full consideration can be given to the conclusions of the review headed by Mr Alan MacSporran QC.

"The Government will reconsider this project in light of the findings of the MacSporran report.

"The review to determine how live-baiting was allowed to go undetected, which was announced on March 2, is taking submissions until the end of the month.

"The review is expected to take three months and will also consider how widespread live-baiting is in the Queensland greyhound racing industry and what changes are needed.

"Recently I received a request from Racing Queensland to approve the engagement of a contractor for the Cronulla Park project.

"I have not provided approval for any contractor to be engaged and will not while the direction is in place."

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