Connie and brother, Sam, after he recently busted her out of hospital for a break. Source: Facebook/Love Your Sister
Connie and brother, Sam, after he recently busted her out of hospital for a break. Source: Facebook/Love Your Sister Love Your Sister

Connie Johnson awarded Order of Australia during final days

CONNIE Johnson has received one of the nation's highest honours as she spends her final days in a hospice in Canberra.

Her brother and actor Samuel Johnson, told their Facebook followers that his sister had received an Order of Australia from Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Connie was in bed when he "popped in" to give the mother-of-two the award for her work on breast cancer research.

Sam posted a photo of Connie on the Love Your Sister Facebook page, with the medal around her chest.

He wrote a caption, saying: "The Governor General 'popped in' on Connie today. Can you see that shiny thing on her chest? It's a Medal of The Order of Australia, awarded for her services to our community and humanity!"

Sam also said: "Her eyes danced like when we were kids. She looked so alive. Afterwards, she looked at me sideways, coz she can't move her head too well, and she kept saying, in her weak and raspy voice ...'Can you believe it? Can you believe it? Look what we did. We did something!'"

Sam added that the award came "just in time", indicating that "her time is nigh".

Connie is currently spending her final days at the Clare Holland House hospice.

She has been battling cancer for the last seven years. Together, she and Sam have raised millions of dollars for cancer research.

"This was just in time. I wanted to tell you first before you hear about it through the media - her time is nigh. Let's prepare, villagers. It'll be very soon.

"Our thanks to our new mate Pete Cosgrove, for making us all laugh in among all the pomp. "And kudos to our new Lady Cottonsocks, for being exactly who she is.

"This is an awful time, we won't bullshit, but please believe that she feels SO cushioned by your love and has been finding so many rainbows. xsam"

Connie has continued to share the reality of her fight against terminal cancer on social media.

She cannot walk, and has lost her bodily functions. She also finds sitting up difficult.

She has previously told followers of her Love Your Sister Facebook page that she was "feeling cheated out of those normal daily experiences".

"Lately it's been hard for me to find the positives," she wrote.

Sam has been by her side during her cancer battle and won a Gold Logie earlier this year. He used his speech to shine light on his sister's battle.

"My sister is succumbing finally to the perils of cancer after a three decade long tussle and rather than rolling over, she's going out blazing with an attempted world record for the longest line of coins, absurdly," said an emotional Johnson as he clutched his award.

"She's putting together a row of coins in the shape of a love heart, hopefully the biggest love heart this country has ever seen, made of 5 cent pieces from cancer families all around the country, with the entire proceeds going directly to scientists and researchers, no skimming, no add anybody. It is only $2.90 for 1 metre of 5 cent coins. It is being laid in 12 days."

Choking back tears he said: "On behalf of my beautiful sister Connie, who I dedicate this award to, I would like to urge any family watching affected by cancer or not to join us in our quest to keep our families safe from the terrors of cancer.

"Love your or Love Your Sister on Facebook. I love you, Connie, I love you."

Sam established the charity in the wake of his sister's diagnosis at the age of 33. She is now 40.

Last year Johnson revealed he was retiring from his 25-year acting career to concentrate on raising $10 million for the charity.

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