Concert from Strictly Classical Period

IN contrast to previous events, the Simply Classical concert scheduled for Sunday, February 24, at St Patrick's Church will feature only a few items.

And it's not because organisers have run out of musicians willing to perform, or repertoire material.

The recital title, "Strictly Classical Period", this refers to the classical period of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and contemporaries - not the baroque or romantic periods - and it seemed to warrant presenting an entire sonata in one item and a whole concerto in another.

Two new local musicians of considerable talent have been "discovered" and are having their Simply Classical debut.

Flautist Rachel Driver.
Flautist Rachel Driver. Contributed

Sue Allen was an accompanist for a vocalist who performed a demanding piece in the November concert and was invited to play this time as a soloist. She has chosen Beethoven's Sonata No. 2.

Flautist Rachel Driver played in the open section at last year's Gympie Eisteddfod and was hired on the spot then. She will play a flute concerto by Mozart.

Also invited was bassoonist Neil Heymink, who has played for Simply Classical before, to high acclaim.

Kylie McIvor will play a movement from a Haydn violin concerto and will also be joined by Heidi Kath in a duet by Stamitz, who is not exactly a household name but was a very influential composer in his time and is highly regarded by musical experts today.

So come along to hear Strictly Classical music performed by strictly consummate musicians, to support, applaud and enjoy. The concerts starts at 2pm. Afternoon tea will be served.

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