Mark Holmes says he won’t be affected by the new development but has concerns for neighbours who could be.
Mark Holmes says he won’t be affected by the new development but has concerns for neighbours who could be. Craig Warhurst

Rainbow Beach residents concerned

RAINBOW Beach property owners Wally Struschko and Mark Holmes are asking Gympie Regional Council to take a long hard look at a four unit development planned for Manooka Drive before approving it.

The pair has signed a petition against the development, saying the building stretches the boundaries of the Rainbow Beach town plan.

The development, on a sloping block, has four levels of living.

Included in the design is a basement (with bedrooms), two storeys above that and a mezzanine level with more bedrooms.

Mr Struschko lives beside a unit development that was the centre of controversy when it was built after Cooloola Shire Council allowed viewing decks (third levels) to be included in the design.

He said the new development on Manooka Drive is four storeys high, even though council may not recognise a basement and mezzanine as storeys, and should not be allowed in an area that is designed for two storey buildings.

“I have a beautiful view, but I built to regulations,” Mr Struschko said.

“If everyone built to regulations everyone could keep their views.

“The rules are not meant to be bent or broken,” he said.

Mr Struschko said since a two storey development with a roof viewing platform (a third level), was built next to his home he had to deal with noise problems from holiday makers.

“Developers are just coming in and building stuff and leaving,” he said.

“They don’t care what they leave behind.”

Mr Holmes lives on Manooka Drive, but won’t have his views affected by the development.

“It doesn’t affect me personally, but I am concerned for my neighbours and the community,” Mr Holmes said.

“The council needs to make sure there is fair and consistent treatment and compliance with the town plan. They need to insure developers comply with the intent of the town plan.”

Mr Holmes said it wasn’t fair to existing land holders who had stuck to the rules if developers were allowed to construct buildings that bent the rules.

“I have no objection to appropriate and balanced development complying with the town plan,” Mr Holmes said.

“It’s up to the council to stand up and say ‘no, this doesn’t comply with the town plan’.”

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