Gympie shows support for Engeman

LEARNING that Gympie Regional Councillor Graham Engeman was found to have breached the councillor Code of Conduct has led people to speak out.

A developer complained that in speaking to Cr Engeman about their application that was before council on March 3, he breached the code.

But some people don’t agree that Cr Engeman was doing anything wrong by stating he was not going to vote in favour of the application for units at Cooloola Cove.

At Wednesday’s general meeting councillors voted to give Cr Engeman a written warning for the minor code of conduct breach.

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mikeb05 from Cooloola Cove

IS being honest with a ratepayer prevented under Council’s Code of Conduct?? I find it astounding that Cr Engeman is somehow prevented from telling a ratepayer of his intentions about a matter before a council meeting is held. I also had discussions with other Councillors including the Mayor on this same matter prior to the Planning & Development Committee...were they also in breach of their own rules?

I attended and observed thorough discussion/consideration of the item in question at the Planning & Development Committee on March 3 and the matter was voted down by the whole Council not just Cr Engeman. Perhaps the applicant will resubmit this matter to Council and let it stand on its merit within the currently (out of date) planning code for Cooloola Cove. Cr Engeman deserves support for expressing his honest view and not a reprimand.

veracity from Cooloola Cove

CR. Ron Dyne, on becoming Mayor, at the Statutory Meeting announced that he would appoint a Councillor as a liaison officer for each of 8 sections of the Gympie Region. These appointments, although passed, were withdrawn at a later general meeting. Cr. Engeman volunteered nevertheless to be a contact for the coastal region. When this coastal ratepayer applicant contacted him, was he out of place in advising that this application to build 8 units was an inconsistent use under the current management plan, therefore he could not support it?

Was he aware also, that in the plan being developed at present, the Council would welcome the wiping out of the current hard fought for zonings to preserve the space at Cooloola Cove, by suggesting that the applicant reapply then? Unfortunately to most of the Councillors, the coastal region equates to Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach. It is refreshing to have a Councillor prepared to acknowledge the rights of residents and ratepayers at Cooloola Cove.

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