Bakery's insane 1kg doughnut challenge goes viral

David takes on the challenge, but is bested by the huge, cream-filled doughnut.
David takes on the challenge, but is bested by the huge, cream-filled doughnut. Kenilworth Bakery

A SUNSHINE Coast's bakery's massive 1kg doughnut challenge has gone viral, as challengers drive hours just for a shot at the title.

The Kenilworth Bakery has been selling the huge doughnuts for a week, and owner Jeffrey Sanders said the huge social media response was incredible.

Customers pay $20 for the fresh cream doughnut, but if they can eat it by themselves they get their money back, along with a place on the "honour board".


"Anyone that's successful, their name will get painted on a little round pie tin and go on our wall forever," Mr Sanders said.

Mr Sanders opened the bakery with daughter Jenna Sanders in November last year, and had the idea for the challenge after a customer ordered a 1kg doughnut.

"A lady asked if we could make one for her son's birthday," Mr Sanders said.

"I trialled it first to see if we could actually make one that big and bake it properly and all that stuff, and it kind of went from there."

In one week, 18 people have already tried the challenge, with six of those attempts ending in success.

With no time limit on the challenge, some have smashed the doughnut in just 25 minutes, while others have taken hours to finish.

"It's not bad is it, I didn't think anyone would be able to eat it," Mr Sanders said.

"We have had a few people who've stopped with an inch of a doughnut to go and just can't eat any more."


A customer prepares to eat an entire 1kg cream doughnut at the Kenilworth Bakery.
A customer prepares to eat an entire 1kg cream doughnut at the Kenilworth Bakery. Kenilworth Bakery

A single photo of a boy attempting to eat the doughnut sparked a social media frenzy.

"We had a young fella try to eat one, and that picture's gone viral," Mr Sanders said.

"I think it's reach 1.8 million people... obviously he couldn't eat it, but it was a great photo.

"The Facebook response has just been incredible."

He said people were driving hours just to take the challenge, often with their partner or kids in tow.

"They seem to be males in their 30s," he said.

No ladies have taken on the challenge yet.

Any prospective challengers need to order their doughnut ahead of time, so the Sanders have time to prepare the feast.

"They take quite a bit of cooking, as you can imagine," he said.

Mr Sanders is open to requests for different flavours, with jam, custard and Nutella among the offerings.

He bakes seven days a week at the store.

"I was involved in the Brumby's chain from inception, then I was a pie manufacturer," he said.

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