Football - U15 - Gympie United Gladiators vs Caloundra FC - Ethan Dickenson Gladiators
Football - U15 - Gympie United Gladiators vs Caloundra FC - Ethan Dickenson Gladiators Leeroy Todd

COACHES VOTE: The best 5 football players in Gympie revealed

FOOTBALL: It's been a landmark year in many respects for Gympie United, with premiership winners and trailblazers of the women's game taking centre stage.

The debutante ladies squads set a remarkable standard after switching from rivals to teammates in a Gympie-first transition, with the Premier division side falling just short of grand final triumph.

Elsewhere, it was young talent time in what will excite club brass about seasons to come as both the Under 15 Division 2 and Under 13 Division 3 squads locked away league titles.

Jaw dropping 19-0 demolitions from the likes of the Under 14 girl's team provided yet another sure sign that the future of Gympie football is as bright as it's ever been.

With season 2019 officially wrapped up, we put it to a host of United coaches: who stood out to them across the club this year, and why? The only rule was they couldn't nominate players from their own team.

Check out which players got a special mention, from wily veterans with an unmatched influence on their teammates to up and comers with promising futures in the blue and gold.

Five players got multiple mentions to emerge as United's most impressive names of 2019.

Joel Bond - Under 13 Division 3

BEST PLAYER - Liam Watson (Premier Men's) - "He is technically adept, tackly aware and a good competitor, consistent trainer always at training. Makes a difference to not just your team but yourself, training is very important. A good player should cover different aspects of the game and Liam is well rounded and ticks the most boxes as a player.”

MOST IMPROVED - Sam Dargusch-Haig (Under 13 Division 1) and Noah Albion (Under 15 Division 2) - "I have seen them as players before and thought they were other players in the team. This season they have improved and are the focal point of the team now. They have become important players of the team.”

Gavin Hourigan - Under 13 Division 2

BEST PLAYER - Sam Dargusch-Haig (Under 13 division 1) - "Has dominated the opposition in different times and different games.”

MOST IMPROVED - Aiden Rigby (Under 13 division 1) - "He has played different positions and covered everything and in doing that has expanded his abilities.”

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Jenna Williams (Under 14 girls) "She has been a pretty dominant force in her team and stepped up to the change in levels from Gympie local football.”

Adan Taylor - Under 13 Division 1

BEST PLAYER - Harry Johnston (Premier men/Reserves) - "I like strong defenders (and) he is such a strong defender and with those amazing throw-ins he does. Resets the plays well in the back.”

Luke Wheeler - Under 15 Division 2

BEST PLAYER - Sammie Sutton (Premier ladies) - "She is very determined and reads the ball well.”

MOST IMPROVED - Ethan Dickenson (Under 16 Division 1) "I coached him last year in the Under 15 boys and this year he has been progressing and has really stepped it up this year. He played some games for the reserve men's team and he did not look out of place, he looked comfortable.”

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Riley Bush (Under 13 Division 3) - "He is their goalie and he conceded only seven goals this year. I was his goalkeeping coach and watching his progress through the season has been incredible the way he puts his body on the line.”

Sammie Sutton - Under 14 Girls

BEST PLAYER - Noah Albion (Under 15 Division 2) - "He was a stand-out player all year for his team. He was very important to their success as a central midfielder and scored heaps of goals up front. They were a premiership side too, so he really played well all year.”

MOST IMPROVED - Brooke Grima (Reserve ladies) - "She's only 17 years old and she's played goalkeeper for the reserves all year. She's been really important for them.”

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Liam Rose (Under 13 Division 3) - "He played everywhere, he was very versatile. To do that at such a young age is impressive. They went on to win the minor premiership and grand final too.”

Joel Albion - Club president and women's squad coach

BEST PLAYER - Maddox Friske (Under 13 Division 3) - "He was younger than the age group he played and was dominant in his age group.”

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Jacob Copas (Division 4 Men) - "He is new to the club but drove from South Burnett three times a week for training and games. He involved himself in the club as far as supporting other teams. A good player as well.”

Geoff Pelling - Under 14 Boys

BEST PLAYER - Archie Gilmour (Under 14 squad) - "His work rate and commitment to continually improve really stood out.”

MOST IMPROVED - Ethan Dickenson (Under 16 Division 1) - "He made some waves throughout the club. He played up in the reserves for some games, and he's a real 'watch this space' for next season.”

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR - Andrew Gibson (Over 35) - "For a first year he was quality in midfield. He came in to a good leadership role without trying to be the boss.”

Jason Lord - Under 18

BEST PLAYER - Liam Watson (Premier Men) and Tiahni Webber (Premier Ladies) - "Liam was very consistent, and very level-headed. He's always in the game and sets an example for everyone else. Tiahni was similar, she plays for the full 90 minutes.”

MOST IMPROVED - Liam Wittkopf (Men's squads) - "He's taken the last couple of seasons to get himself fit and shown outstanding commitment, he's become a real presence on the pitch.”

Kyle Nix - Premier Men

BEST PLAYER: Sammie Sutton (Premier ladies)

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: Josh Hyam (Men's squads)

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Joel Ratten (Men's squads)

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