Clyde Kunst celebrates his 90th birthday with wife Esme and children (from left) Neville, Danny, Lorrence and Janet.
Clyde Kunst celebrates his 90th birthday with wife Esme and children (from left) Neville, Danny, Lorrence and Janet. CONTRIBUTED

Clyde celebrates 90th with friends

MORE than one hundred people gathered on the weekend to honour Gympie's Clyde Kunst who celebrated his 90th birthday on April 19.

Clyde always maintains that his friends are his biggest asset and over his many years he has made very many friends, as the attendance on Saturday testified.

Clyde's whole ethic of life has been his work and helping others. He has done much for Gympie and is aptly named as Gympie's stalwart benefactor and deserves all the accolades handed out to him over the years.

His life has been varied and interesting.

He began as a young lad, working with his father in timber, and here he learnt the golden rule of safety in all of his actions, a lesson he never forgot.

Clyde was the cream carrier for the Mothar Mountain area's farmers and from this work he moved into house removals - the work for which he is most remembered. In this he gained the respect of authorities and there was never any worry when Clyde was at the helm.

His involvement in the Gold Mining Museum and Wood Works, Gympie's Forestry and Timber Museum, is legendary and many visitors enjoyed his demonstrations of working in timber at the Wood Works for many years, when he showed his extensive knowledge of tools and their uses and his wide experience in the timber industry.

Clyde was responsible for building the gantry at the Gold Mining Museum and if there was anything to climb on, Clyde was always the one at the top.

So much of Gympie's history is tied up in Clyde's involvement and because of him there is a lot in Gympie for people to enjoy.

He was Citizen of the Year in Gympie in 2005 and was also recognised during the Year of the Older Person with a recognition award for senior Australians.

Clyde's party was held at his only daughter Janet's home and Janet prepared mountains of food for the guests.

His wife Esme was there, giving Clyde her support as always and sons, Neville, Danny and Lorrence travelled to be with their father for the day and watch him cut a beautiful birthday cake.

Many of Clyde's old workmates and friends travelled long distances to help him celebrate and Clyde was overcome by the number of people who came and gave their good wishes.

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