Workers move out of the Telstra Shop Sunday morning.
Workers move out of the Telstra Shop Sunday morning. Renee Pilcher

City bounces back

THE consensus pretty much across Gympie yesterday was that businesses would bounce back from the weekend's flood more easily than last year.

Luckily, Gympie was spared the brunt of the weekend's weather with the Mary River peaking at 15.7m and causing only minor flooding.

It was a different story at Traveston, Cooroy, Pomona and Cooran, said Southside SES group leader Craig Miller.

"They copped it really hard on Friday night," he said.

Gympie Region SES crews went to the worst affected areas on Saturday morning but found that the waters had already risen. "It all happened too quick."

In Gympie, floodwaters broke the Mary River banks and started flowing into Nelson Reserve Saturday.

People at the Cooloola Coast and on the Southside were isolated for 12-24 hours as waters cut roads and bridges.

South of Gympie the Bruce Hwy was cut.

Some travellers who camped overnight Saturday at the One Mile sport grounds car park were only about one metre away from being swept away in floodwaters as it inched towards their vehicles.

When floodwaters started to recede on Sunday the hose- down started, with QFRS assisting businesses and yesterday Green Army volunteers helped clean up in Nelson Reserve.

About a metre of water washed through Southern Cross Detailing on Jaycee Way and about a foot through River Rd businesses.

Southern Cross Detailing owner Steve Duke said it took a few hours to move out on Saturday.

He was able to clean up on Sunday and moved back in yesterday morning and would have started work early yesterday, but had to wait for the power to come back on.

Nick Green from PC Place said it was not going to cost as much to repair this year. Last year's flood nearly covered the roof of the River Rd business.

"It's Gympie, it's not a matter of if it's going to happen, but when," he said.

Staff spent much of yesterday mopping up water, which luckily peaked just under the power points.

It was the same story at Laguna Real Estate.

Emily Laing said the clean up was about 5% of last year's effort.

"There was no mud or sewerage. It was a relief."

Meanwhile Wide Bay Cabinet Makers were busy reassembling the Telstra Shop yesterday.

Rosie Friske said the business was getting better at dealing with floods.

"It's probably not as bad. It's still time consuming and we will have to take everything out. It will cost the same, we will lose the same amount of business."

Most businesses hope to be open in a couple of days.

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