Furious mum’s Christmas note slammed

The note the angry QLD mum left on the tree. Picture: Facebook
The note the angry QLD mum left on the tree. Picture: Facebook

IT'S THE ultimate threat.

"Do what you are told or Santa will put you on the naughty list."

But how many parents actually follow through?

Well, one mum from Queensland has done what so few of us dare.

Cancelled Christmas.

The mum shared a pic to Facebook of her "cling wrapped" Christmas tree and a stern note from their Elf on the Shelf.

"Christmas is cancelled. For now!

"If you want me to keep visiting, a Santa visit, and your tree and presents back, your behaviour needs to improve."

One week ultimatum

The kids were given one week to sort themselves out or else.

"Santa is watching" the note continued.

"Santa is very angry and I am disappointed. Be good and say sorry to mum."

The note, signed from Elsie the Elf, Creepy McReep face, has generated much chatter among parent groups with many in awe of the daring punishment, but others not so sure about ruining Christmas.

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"It's all very well making threats but will they really be followed through? I expect not in which case empty threats are pointless. There are better ways of getting your children to co-operate" writes one.

And this: "That is very cruel. I feel sorry for some children."

Praising her

But many others agree with the mum-of-three's actions.

One commenter said: "As a mother of 5, foster Mum of 2, Granny of 13 and a great grandmother I say well done. It's great to see a parent in control."

Another: "Parenting is hard, boring, frustrating and repetitious - credit to this family for having a bit of fun along the way!!"

And this mum who says that she did something very similar: "I am a mum who did cancel Christmas one year. My son unwrapped all his family given gifts from under the tree 3 weeks before Christmas. After school that day we took them to our local Kmart and he had to put them under the wishing tree for more deserving children. Our tree and decorations were taken down and put away. It was a hard lesson, but one he has never forgotten. He is 20 now and every year since he has not gone near any gifts until Christmas morning."

Mum explains all

The mum behind the note clarified how her children reacted with a second post.

"So an "expert" has weighed in on my Xmas tree post which went semi viral" she wrote.

"What that "expert" does not know is that the next morning we (me and the kids) had a very good conversation that revolved around what was acceptable and what wasn't.

"I'm not expecting the kids to behave perfectly and they know that. What pushed me over the edge and caused this whole thing was that they constantly all day did the opposite of what I said and it resulted in someone being hurt. It wasn't a threat though it comes across that way it is a lesson that my kids can't expect good things to come to them when they constantly push the boundaries."

She says that since she wrapped up the tree "the kids have been great."

"Respectful not because the 'threat' of Santa not coming is there but because they understand that certain behaviours have a ripple effect ... And they want presents but in all seriousness it has done some serious good in this house.

"A big wake up call for all."

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