Boy victim of a tragic accident

THE normally joyous Christmas campsites of Inskip Point are in mourning today, after the tragic death of a toddler, 3, in a vehicle accident which could have happened to anyone.

The boy was with his mother, who was driving while her partner stood behind the vehicle guiding her as she reversed under a tarp at the family’s holiday campsite, which they had just set up.

Tin Can Bay police sergeant Darren Grieve said the vehicle had moved suddenly and in an unexpected direction in sandy conditions at the campsite.

“It was not really the mother’s fault,” Sgt Grieve said yesterday.

The boy was not in the expected path of the vehicle and was well back and to one side.

They were camped at the popular Pelican Bay campsite on Inskip Peninsula.

“They had just set up camp and they were expecting to be joined by other family members for Christmas,” he said.

The boy and his mother were from Nambour but the group had ties to the Gympie Region, he said.

Police had not yesterday been able to contact the boy’s biological father, who is also a Nambour resident.

“They had a tent set up and a tarp from it to a tree.

“They had decided to cook on the tailgate after backing it under the tarp.

“With the steering as it was, it jumped backwards, hitting her partner and moving in an unexpected arc to run over the child,” Sgt Grieve said.

“In the circumstances the mother lost control of the vehicle and that caused the accident.

“It happened about 3.20pm.

“It shows how easy it is for this to happen. With Christmas coming up and the number of kids among the campers, we just ask people to please take extra care,” he said.

Sgt Grieve said Rainbow Beach police were quickly on the scene and gave the boy mouth to mouth and CPR until paramedics arrived.

“Help came from everywhere – after the police came the ambulance and then the lifesavers.”

Rainbow Beach ambulance officers gave CPR before an intensive care paramedic arrived aboard Bundaberg’s AGL Action Rescue Helicopter.

The chopper, on its way back to base after transporting an injured man to Brisbane, landed on the beach at 3.55pm. A second helicopter with a specialist doctor from Brisbane arrived, but the boy had already been pronounced dead.

The previous day, at nearby Rainbow Beach, the rescue helicopter was called to aid a bus driver, 58, from Narangba, who had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Two English backpackers, who were doctors, administered CPR at the scene until emergency crews arrived.

The man was airlifted to Royal Brisbane Hospital.

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