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Charleville man stomps car as ex-partner tries to grab phone

A WOMAN has felt threatened in her own home, even after her violent partner is away, after a shocking series of attacks and threats were made by a Charleville man.

The 24-year-old offender, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to five offences, including assault occasioning bodily harm and wilful damage, both as domestic violence offences.

Police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court during the first week of July 2019, both the aggrieved and the defendant went to a party in Brassall, Ipswich.

He became upset as he believed the aggrieved was accusing him of cheating with another woman.

"The defendant began yelling and swearing at her, before grabbing her," sergeant Boodnikoff said, from the aggrieved's recount when she attended the Miriam Vale police station in March 2020.

She said this triggered the aggrieved's PTSD and autism, causing her to yell at the defendant to let her go.

The offender then wrestled her to the ground, sat on her, and grabbed her by the throat.

"She stated at that time that he began to squeeze her throat, causing severe pain and it had an effect on her breathing," sergeant Boodnikoff.

The aggrieved told police she was in significant pain and has bruising on her head for the following 10 days.

The defendant took himself to the Charleville police station on September 14 and admitted to verbally abusing the aggrieved.

"He told police he didn't grab her by the neck but he did have hold of her arms, using force to cross them over her body, which may have caused her to have trouble with her breathing," sergeant Boodnikoff said.

In a separate incident, during the first week of January 2020, the offender, the aggrieved and her ex-husband, and four children were at a property near Winfield in the Gladstone Region.

"The defendant began to argue with the aggrieved over the fact that the aggrieved's ex-husband was there," sergeant Boodnikoff said.

"The defendant began to verbally abuse the aggrieved, calling her a 'f---ing c--- and f---ing dog cheater.

"The defendant threatened to stab the ex-husband before starting to walk towards the area where the ex-husband and the children were."

The aggrieved said to the defendant that if he was going to be that 'evil', she was going to call police.

She entered the car, but her partner followed her, climbed onto the car bonnet, and stomped on the windscreen.

He and the aggrieved have since broken up, and she's moved to another location.

The court also heard that she'd received threatening text messages from him.

"She felt that the defendant had people who were potentially going to hurt her, and she felt like she had to hide in her own home," sergeant Boodnikoff said.

Solicitor Frank Jongkind said the youngest of the kids involved was the offender's.

"[The defendant's] upbringing was a troubled one," Mr Jongkind said.

"He was raised by aunts and uncles - spent the final nine years of his childhood in foster placements and come out of the department's care when he was 18 years of age."

Magistrate Peter Saggers said he 'goes close' to a jail term for the bodily harm offence.

"Even a person with the very limited history that you have, it runs the risk of... being given a jail term for that bodily harm," Magistrate Saggers said.

The offender was given 2 years of probation and a conviction was not recorded.

Charleville Western Times

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