Chance to help analyse budget

A UNIQUE opportunity to contribute to the Opposition’s response to this year’s state budget has been offered to Gympie voters by local MP David Gibson.

The Member for Gympie said the initiative would draw on community expertise to scrutinise the vast amount of budget detail to assess the impact on the local community.

“The 2010/2011 budget papers are very detailed and in opposition we have only limited resources and a limited period of time to prepare the Address in Reply speech,” he said.

“I’m seeking individuals and community organisations who may be willing to give some time to review the budget papers from a specific portfolio area to determine how it impacts on Gympie.

“Getting the community involved means we can better analyse local issues and quickly identify any problems. We need to ensure that funding is properly spent at the grassroots level delivering services in the Gympie region.”

Mr Gibson said he was looking for people with internet access who could spare time on the afternoon and evening of Tuesday June 8.

“You just need to have some time available in the budget week to critically examine the state budget to assist me in determining how it will actually meet the needs of our community. The work can be done from a home computer and responses sent by email to my parliament office.”

Mr Gibson said he proposed to conduct a training session for volunteers in the week before budget and then email the budget papers to them once they were released on the following Tuesday.

For further information contact the Gympie electoral office on 5482 3651 or at

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