Chamber rejects time warp plan

THE proposal that South East Queensland might have its own daylight savings zone is impractical and imposes an unnecessary burden on business, according to the Gympie Chamber of Commerce.

“Splitting South-East Queensland into its own time zone is the worst of all results, ” chamber president Simon Young said yesterday.

“Either introduce daylight saving, or not, but don’t create a ‘mini-state’ in the south-east corner,” he said.

“Many of our member businesses already appreciate the difficulties experienced in dealing with interstate businesses during daylight saving and we would be disappointed if we had to duplicate this effort just to deal with our Brisbane-based suppliers and customers.

“Why any state government would introduce such a change knowing the negative impacts it would have upon Queensland businesses and communities is difficult to understand”.

Mr Young says the chamber “also rejects the inference that South-East Queensland has more commercial affinity with the business centres of southern states than with fellow Queenslanders”.

“In essence this proposal is saying that Newcastle is more economically relevant to Noosa than Gympie, or that Ballarat is more relevant to Brisbane than Toowoomba.

“Members in the region we found a marginal majority in favour of introducing daylight saving generally, but a categorical rejection of the suggested split time zone.

“The chamber urges the Government and Opposition to reject the Bill and endorses the call for a focus on matters more important to the state’s economic future.”

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